Woman dead in SUV crash in Malden involving ICE vehicle – NBC10 Boston

An elderly woman was killed in a traffic accident involving a federal vehicle on Thursday in Malden, Massachusetts, police said.
The woman was on foot at the time of the incident, according to Malden Police Chief Glenn Cronin. There was a large response from first responders at the scene, at the intersection of Main Street and Mountain Avenue.
Two SUVs were involved in the accident, which also knocked over two utility poles, Cronin said. He didn’t initially offer more details beyond that one of the vehicles belongs to the U.S. government.
The vehicle belonged to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations, and two agents were hurt and sent to the hospital, a representative said.

A BMW SUV traveling south on Main Street hit another SUV at a traffic light, then careened into two telephone poles and hit the woman, who’d been standing on a sidewalk, according to the preliminary investigation, local prosecutors and police said in a statement.
They noted the crash remained under investigation.
The driver of the BMW told NBC10 Boston the collision happened after he veered to avoid a vehicle that was turning off Main Street.
The ICE SUV was stopped at the intersection when it was hit by the BMW, which then hit the pedestrian, the agency’s representative said. They didn’t say what the agents were working on at the time of the collision.