Wilcox Co. sheriff laid to rest after fatal car accident – WALB

ROCHELLE, Ga. (WALB) – On Saturday, Wilcox County Sheriff Robert Rodgers was laid to rest by his family and friends after a fatal car accident.
“It’s just a tremendous loss to this community and to his family,” Ginny Clack, a friend of Rodgers, said. “And we just love all of them dearly and pray that they can get through this time and hopefully the people of Wilcox County will appreciate what they had and move forward and do what they have to do to make this a thriving community.”
Rodger’s funeral services were held at Wilcox County High School on Saturday, and a procession to honor his memory took place right after.
“It was a very beautiful service for our sheriff and dear friend, Robert Rodgers,” Donnie Clack, funeral attendee, added. “We are so honored to have Robert as a part of our Wilcox County family. Robert served us very well the last seven years. We were close friends with him.”
Rodgers was involved in a single-vehicle crash while responding to a call on Tuesday. He reportedly veered off the road and collided with a tree. His vehicle overturned on the driver’s side.
Members of the community say they feel his absence already.
“Not to take away from anybody that may come next, but they’re going to have a hard time filling his shoes because he was a people person and a sheriff that took care of business and saw about everybody no matter who you were,” Pastor Joey Boney said.
Many people at the funeral said that they’d like to extend their condolences to Rodger’s family.
“You can see the outpouring of support from the community and law enforcement community across the state of Georgia speaks to his life and his service,” Donnie said.
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