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By Matt Petrillo, CBS News Philadelphia Staff
/ CBS Philadelphia
WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — Video obtained by CBS News Philadelphia shows the moment a person driving a stolen car crashed into an innocent driver early Tuesday morning in West Chester.  
The crash happened just moments after another stolen car crashed a few blocks away.
Police say both incidents are connected. 
Police told CBS News Philadelphia those riding in the two stolen cars are all teenagers. 
The first scene of the crash was at Gay and Matlack Streets. 
A Subaru Forester was stopped at Gay and Darlington Streets in West Chester before carefully entering the intersection when police say the driver in a stolen car goes right through a stop sign and crashes into the Subaru, which was driven by Nicole Benedetti.  
“It happened so fast, the car spun on the curb, I crawled out and was just in a daze,” Benedetti said.  
The Subaru she was driving belongs to her friend who let her borrow it. 
“I thought she died. I saw the car and it looked like a macaroni,” Kelly Cannon said. 
Police say the car that crashed into the Subaru was stolen from Wilmington and had four teenagers inside.
Moments earlier, cell phone video recorded someone hurt and crying “I want my mommy” at a separate crash a few blocks away.
Police say a second stolen car slammed into a light pole. Officers say five teenagers were in that car. Detectives say it was stolen from Malvern over the weekend after the owner left it unlocked with the keys inside. 
“It shook my building, the loudest crash I ever heard,” a person said. 
Officers add both groups of teens know each other. They’re all 15-17 years old and all from Wilmington. Police say some could face charges.
“It’s just insane. What were you thinking? You just ruined the rest of your lives and could have killed several people,” Benedetti said. 
Two of the nine teens in the cars were badly hurt and are still in the hospital. Six are in custody. 
One ran from the scene but police have not released a description of what he looks like. 
Matt Petrillo came home to join the CBS3 Eyewitness News team as a general assignment reporter in March 2018.
First published on May 2, 2023 / 7:36 AM
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