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IGNACE — OPP will be receiving dash-camera video that shows a narrow miss between a tractor-trailer and a passenger car on the Trans-Canada Highway in Northwestern Ontario.
The truck driver who posted the images on social media intends to submit it to police in the interest of public safety.
He described how the frightening incident occurred Saturday when the operator of a transport truck that was following him pulled into the oncoming lane to overtake him just as the dotted line in the centre of the highway changed to a solid line for westbound traffic.

"Started his overtake two truck lengths before the solid yellow…he didn't back off…blind crest," the message posted on Sunday stated.
The video shows an eastbound passenger vehicle approaching a moment later.
"As soon as I saw the car I hit the brakes to make sure there was room…if I hadn't he would have hit me or the car, or even forced the car off the road," the truck driver said.
Data displayed on the dash-cam video shows that he was able to quickly slow his vehicle from 94 kilometres per hour to 67 km/h. 
The driver of the transport that had pulled out to pass him was able to re-enter the westbound lane barely in time to avoid a collision with the oncoming vehicle, whose driver was taking evasive action simultaneously by manoeuvring to the edge of the pavement. 
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