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We sometimes forget that dog seat belts are essential. In the same way that you want your kids restrained in the vehicle, so too will you want your furry children secured and safe in the car. There are many options available, and the Vastar dog seat belt is one of the easiest to use in a vehicle.
Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Leash Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness Seatbelt, Made from Nylon Fabric
When it comes to your dog’s safety in the car, you shouldn’t just be looking for a simple restraint product. You need to be sure that the dog seat belt you select is durable, effective and will protect your pet in the event of an car accident.
Some dog seat belts incorporate a harness system, like the EzyDog Plate Harness, while others are just a car restraint, like this Vastar dog seat belt that I’m reviewing for you today.
Remember that when restraining your dog in a car in any way, you need to use a dog harness instead of a traditional dog collar. Whether your dog is pulling on a leash or being protected in the event of a car accident, the pressure of the impact needs to be dispersed through the chest and not the neck/throat.
I chose to review this pet seat belt from Vastar because it provides the security of restraint while allowing the pet owner to select any other dog harness that they prefer.
Unlike dog car seat belts that use a harness system, this product lets you select a harness that is comfortable and meets your dog’s individual needs. You can pick any of the best dog harnesses to use with Vastar, and most of them will work very well.
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Vastar Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Leash Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness Seatbelt, Made from Nylon Fabric
As you can see from its simple design, this seat belt is very easy to use. The latch clips onto your dog’s harness and the seat belt clip snaps into your car’s seat belt buckle. The clip is for 2 centimeter buckles, which are standard on virtually every vehicle. Be sure to check, though, just in case.
The Vastar seat belt is made of high quality nylon, much like a standard dog leash. You can adjust the length of the strap according to your dog’s height. As you can see in my video review, it easily adjust from 16 to 27 inches long.
Vastar Dog Seat Belt ReviewI was pleased with the metal adjusters. Not only do they slide easily, they don’t adjust on their own. I’ve tried other similar products in the past, and as your dog moves around the strap adjusts on its own. Before you know it your dog is standing on the console next to you.
Our dogs were able to sit, lie down and stand up while attached to the Vastar Dog Seat Belt. Because I was able to use their everyday walking harnesses with this safety restraint, they seemed to be quite comfortable. In fact, none of our dogs seemed to mind this seat belt at all, which is quite a surprise with our pack!
The best thing about the Vastar Dog Seat Belt is that it is affordable for any pet owner, even on the strictest budget. You can purchase one on Amazon for just $6.99. Even better, they offer a 2-pack for $7.99 and a 4-pack for just $12.99. This is a GREAT option for multi-dog owners!
Vastar Dog Seat Belt ReviewAlthough I am very happy with the Vastar Dog Seat Belt, it’s not without its flaws. As I mentioned, this is a great product for small, medium and large breeds. However, because it only extends to 27-inches long, it’s not suitable for the largest breeds. Similarly, at it’s shortest length (16 inches) it allow a very small breed a little too much freedom to roam.
It also hasn’t been crashed tested or put through any safety tests. While this isn’t a requirement for these types of products, there are some out there that have been put through rigorous testing. If you want to make sure that a dog seat belt will hold up in the event of an accident, it’s best to look for one that has been tested.
Have you tried this dog seat belt before? What did you think? Did you feel your pet was safe and comfortable? I want to hear your review of this product too! Let me know what you think of the Vastar Dog Seat Belt in the comments below or share your own video or photo reviews on our Facebook page.
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