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BLAINE, Wash.— Blaine Sector Border Patrol agents from the Sumas Station responded to a vehicle accident involving seven citizens of Romania who had just entered the United States illegally from Canada.
On Sept. 17, at approximately 6:49 p.m., seven people from Romania illegally entered the United States near Sumas by illegally driving across a remote portion of the United States/Canada border and through a berry field.  A short time later their vehicle crashed into a local citizen’s vehicle at the intersection of Van Buren and Badger Roads in rural Whatcom County, causing injuries to the occupants of both vehicles.
Border Patrol agents from the Sumas Border Patrol Station responded to the crash scene. All seven people were transported to the hospital for medical evaluation. Three remain hospitalized and four were released and transported to the Sumas Station for processing.
A criminal investigation is underway by Homeland Security Investigations. Washington State Police are investigating the vehicle accident.
Chief Patrol Agent Rosario Vasquez concluded, “This incident underscores the risks to innocent members of our community, and the challenges we face in safeguarding our borders and keeping our communities safe. We remain dedicated to our mission of protecting our nation while emphasizing the grave risks involved in entrusting human smugglers and attempting unlawful border crossings.” 
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