Truck driver loading 18-wheeler found dead under car that crashed into him on North Freeway near FM 1960, Harris Co. deputies say – KTRK-TV

A truck driver was found dead Thursday under a car that crashed into him while he was loading an 18-wheeler on the North Freeway, deputies said.
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — A truck driver was killed when a car crashed into him as he loaded equipment onto an 18-wheeler on North I-45 near FM 1960 Thursday morning.
The crash happened at about 9:14 a.m., according to Harris County Sheriff's Office Captain Anthony McConnell.
The truck parked on the feeder road as the driver worked to load equipment from Public Storage when McConnell said another vehicle, headed north, drove up onto and off the trailer, striking the driver standing next to the truck. He was decapitated.
The driver of the second vehicle was taken to a hospital. Authorities have not yet provided an update on his condition, but McConnell said they don't believe his injuries are severe.
Deputies are investigating if intoxication or distracted driving played a role in the crash.
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