Traveling with a dog in the car: Tips for keeping your pet safe while riding in a vehicle – USA TODAY

For National Dog Day, canine lovers hoping to take their dogs out for a car ride to celebrate can use Nissan’s tips to keep their pets safe. 
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, pet adoptions started to soar and Americans are opting to travel by car rather than airplanes. Over 71 percent of consumers are more comfortable traveling by car than plane this summer, according to Nissan. Meanwhile, more than 60 percent of recent adoptions are by those with little or no previous pet experience, a Rover report found. 
“Often drivers may hit the road and just have their pet jump in the back seat for the ride. For a small investment and an extra minute or two, you can take steps to help ensure your pet is secured in the car,” said Brandon Sanders, product safety expert at Nissan North America. 
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One recommended way to secure a pet is to use a chest-style harness in the rear seating position. Run a seat belt through a loop on the back of the pet harness, or under the back or the harness itself. Always consult the pet harness information manual for instruction on proper vehicle use. This is an excellent solution to ensure that medium- to large-size dogs stay seated during a trip.
Another option is using a pet restraint tether, often referred to as a pet seat belt. This type of restraint offers an inexpensive and quick solution for securing pets. As the name implies, this restraint clips to the pet’s collar or harness and is often affixed to your vehicle by either clipping into the seatbelt buckle or child-seat anchor to help keep your dog from moving around the vehicle.
Utilizing a secured pet carrier or kennel is another way to travel safely with pets. Smaller dogs can be housed in portable carriers that can be secured in the vehicle’s second row using seat belts or pillows to help limit movement. Smaller carriers can also be placed on the floor behind one of the front seats. Medium- and large-sized pets should be placed in a sturdier kennel secured to the vehicle cargo area in SUVs or trucks. In either instance, the kennel should be fastened to the vehicle as securely as possible.
Cargo area dividers can be used to help keep pets behind the last row of an SUV. These are a great way to keep large dogs out of the occupant space when traveling. It’s best to still secure the pet in the cargo area.