Tips to protect your car, pets and home when it's really cold – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

When most of us get cold, the easy solution is to don a few more layers. 
But it’s not that easy for everyone — or everything — else.
Here’s some experts’ advice to make sure pets are protected:
— The Animal Rescue League
To prevent water service lines from freezing, consider taking the following actions:
What if there’s no water coming out of my faucets?
Step 1: Check Your Water Meter. If water is leaking or spraying from your meter or the bottom is cracked, your water meter is frozen. Turn your shut-off valve to the off position and call Customer Service.
Step 2: Feel for Frozen Pipes. Pipes located along exterior walls are most susceptible to freezing. To thaw pipes, contact a licensed plumber or use hot towels or a hair dryer to thaw the pipes. Never use an open flame to thaw pipes.
Step 3: Check with Your Neighbors. If your neighbors also do not have water, call Customer Service to report the problem.
— The City of Cedar Rapids
Have a mechanic check the following:
Keep these items in your car:
— The American Red Cross
Fill your vehicle’s gas tank and clean the lights and windows to help you see.
If you become stuck in the snow or icy conditions:
— The American Red Cross
— The American Red Cross