Three-year-old girl and grandmother hit and killed by car in Hanford identified – KFSN-TV

The Kings County Coroner's Office has identified the 3-year-old and woman hit and killed by a car in Hanford Friday night.
HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) — Flowers and candles remain at the intersection of Third and Phillips Streets in Hanford where three people were hit by a vehicle Friday night.
"All three of the victims were transported to local hospitals, two of the pedestrians, a female in her 60s, a three-year-old juvenile were pronounced deceased upon arrival to the hospital," said Lt. James Lutz with the Hanford Police Department.
Those victims, now identified as 62-year-old grandmother Maria Suarez and three-year-old granddaughter Jaylee Castro.
The family did not want to talk on camera today but one of Maria's daughters sent Action News a statement reading:
"My mother was one of the noblest people and a good and loving person. Everyone knew her for how good she was. They went to go walk to go visit my older sister and they were on their way back home, but never got home."

They say the 9-year-old is still in the hospital in Modesto and they are still checking on him.
Hanford Police say drugs or alcohol are not factors in the crash, but say it's a very dark intersection.
"Drivers in dark areas just make sure you are always constantly vigilant just looking straight ahead," said Lt. Hutz.
Other drivers we spoke with like Glenn Burkett who lives in Hanford says there's always a lot of reckless driving through the intersection.
"These areas right here are really high-traffic areas and you do get a lot of speeders and people just do whatever they want," said Burkett.
Another factor there are not any crosswalks and both say it's a reminder for drivers and pedestrians to be extra cautious.
"I just say pay attention to pedestrians and other people and be mindful and watch what you're doing," said Burkett.
"Especially in areas that don't have crosswalks, lights and stuff like that, it's really hard to see, so if you see cars coming your way, wait until you can't see any more cars or headlights to cross," said Lt. Lutz.
The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Police say the driver remained on scene and is cooperating with the officers investigation.
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