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Author: Kirsten Barber
As the year comes to an end and we celebrate the holidays with family, it is important not to let our guard down around our homes, while driving and even online. The NC Department of Public Safety shares these safety tips to help you protect yourself and those around you during the holiday season.
On the first day of safety, we recommend taking the following steps to winterize your home in preparation for the cold days – and potential winter weather – ahead. 
Additional winter weather safety information can be found at
A reminder on the second day of safety to stay alert while shopping. Scammers and thieves like to take advantage of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and try to catch unwitting shoppers who have their guard down. Here are a few tips that will help keep you, your valuables and your bank accounts safe however you choose to shop in this holiday season.
Don’t forget to trust your gut instinct. If something seems suspicious, it most likely is. Additional holiday shopping tips can be found here.
Be fire smart as you deck the halls this season. On the third day of safety, prevent home fires by ensuring holiday décor is not only safe to use, but displayed properly.
On the fourth day of safety, we encourage you to prepare for holiday travel in advance, whether you plan to travel down the road or your destination is miles away. Having a plan before you leave can reduce stress should you encounter a hiccup like heavy traffic, severe weather or vehicle trouble. 
More holiday travel tips can be found here.
Do not drink and drive! A special holiday greeting goes out to the designated sober drivers on the fifth day of safety. During holiday festivities, if you decide to consume alcohol, do so safely at home, or use a designated driver or ride share service once the celebration is over. Motorists can report safety hazards, including suspected drunken drivers, to the NC State Highway Patrol by dialing *HP (*47) toll free.
On the sixth day of safety, we’re sharing our list of the ideal winter car emergency kit.
Pack other items depending on the unique needs of members of your family. If your area is experiencing severe weather, it is best to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary for you to drive. 
Cooking is the main cause of home fires every year, so on the seventh day of safety we’re sharing our top safety tips to keep in mind while whipping up your holiday feast.
Before hosting guests, it is always a good idea to check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly.
On the eighth day of safety, we’re sharing tips on how to keep children and pets safe.
The holidays are a great time to discuss the family’s emergency plan while everyone is together. Take some time to refresh everyone on the emergency meeting place and communication plan. If updates need to be made, make sure everyone is aware. Tips on emergency planning can be found at
On the ninth day of safety, we recommend taking these steps when leaving your home for an extended amount of time.
Winter weather can cause power outages. Know what to do if the power goes out with these safety tips on the tenth day of safety!
Sharing holiday memories online with family and friends can be fun, but it can also tip off bad guys on when you are away from home or if you received a pricey item as a gift. On the eleventh day of safety, we’re sharing our top social media safety tips for the season.
The holidays, while typically a time of joy and hope, can sometimes bring sadness and longing to those who have experienced loss or are away from their loved ones. Check in on your neighbors in one of these ways on the twelfth day of safety.
Preparation can be a community effort! Show you care by helping others prepare.
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