State Patrol offers tips on winter driving after snow squalls – KIMT 3

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Southeast Minnesota saw plenty of snow early Tuesday morning. Driving through it was a challenge for many.
After several car crashes, the Minnesota State Patrol is reminding drivers to stay safe during their winter commutes.
Between 4 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., State Patrol responded to 43 crashes with three involving non-life-threatening injuries.
The snow and strong wind also sent 38 cars into the ditch and caused six semi-trucks to jackknife.
State Patrol is reminding drivers to extend their distance between other vehicles. You should also drive half as fast as normal when roads are icy and visibility is low.
Even if you follow these tips, you could still end up in a ditch.
“If you do go in the ditch, it’s important to call 911 right away and let us know where you’re at, but also stay in your vehicle and leave your seatbelt on,” said Sergeant Troy Christianson. “We’re starting to see an increase in pedestrians getting struck outside their vehicles. That’s why we want to make sure everybody stays in their vehicle if they go in the ditch.”
State Patrol can also cite motorists for driving too fast for the conditions if they end up in the ditch.
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