Sophia Loren suffers multiple fractures; how to prevent bathroom falls – Hindustan Times

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Oscar-winning actor Sophia Loren underwent an emergency surgery after her fall at her Swiss resident on Sunday. The 89-year-old sustained several fractures in her hip and femur and as per reports the recovery process will include a long rehabilitation. Slipping in bathroom is common among elderly and it can lead to serious injuries including fractures and brain injuries. Bathroom falls can lead to hospitalisation and death among elderly. In old age, people may suffer from poor vision, reduced strength and coordination which can increase chances of such falls. Some bathrooms floors are also uneven or slippery which can raise risk of slipping. (Also read: Sophia Loren undergoes emergency surgery after falling at home: Report)
“Most fall accidents involving older people take place in the bathroom. They tend to slip and lose their balance while getting in and out of the shower, getting in and out of the bathtub and while getting on and off the toilet. Fall accidents in the bathroom can lead to broken bones, hip fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, bathroom falls may even lead to hospitalizations and deaths among elderly population (particularly among those who are 65 and older). Factors like Poor vision, balance and coordination issues, reduced muscle mass and bone strength make this section of the population more prone to especially bathroom falls. Apart from this, environmental factors such as clutter, uneven floors and poor lighting can also raise the risk of falls tremendously,” says Dr. Anurag Aggarwal, Director & HOD, Orthopaedics and Joints Replacement, Marengo Asia Hospitals Faridabad.
With the help of certain modifications to home and bathroom, one can minimize the risk of falling to a great extent. Dr Aggarwal shares tips.