Six Tips to Travel Safe this Winter – City of Boulder

In observance of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, the City of Boulder has adjusted its operations schedules.
Whether you plan on walking, biking or driving, here are six reminders to help you travel safely this winter.
On average, 5% of crashes in the city happen in winter conditions. Together we can bring this number down and achieve Vision Zero, a future with zero severe crashes.
Whether you plan on walking, biking or driving, here are six reminders to help you travel safely this winter.
Winterize your gear and check for traction on tires and shoes. Tread will help cut through ice and snow and give you a better grip to get to your destination safely.
Plan your travel path with our interactive snow removal map to know which streets, sidewalks and multi-use paths to use. Snow crews work 24/7 to clear these routes, including multi-use paths, prioritizing key routes like emergency connections.

Turn your lights on and use reflective gear to stand out in the storm. Low visibility during longer winter nights makes it extra important to help others see where you are, whether you’re traveling on roads, sidewalks or multi-use paths.
Bicycles, scooters and other similar devices are required to have headlights and reflectors in Boulder.
Sun glare, slippery conditions and unpredictable weather are a recipe for danger. Clear the snow off your ride, check the forecast, and budget a few extra minutes for your route so you can arrive safely.
Watch live traffic cameras to stay aware of real-time conditions.
Ice and snow are the name of the game. Even while snow staff work 24/7 during blizzards to keep paths and roadways clear, ice and snow can still cause big delays. Stay home if you can, but if you decide to head out, prepare for emergencies and subscribe to emergency alerts.
During winter weather, find storm and snowplow updates on the Snow and Ice Response webpage.
Help your neighbors travel safely by doing your part to clear sidewalks or going the extra mile and volunteering.
Stay warm with the community spirit and stay safe on your travels this winter!

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