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The Prescott Valley Police Department wants to help you stay safe and are sending out some helpful safety tips for the holidays. During the holidays, homes and vehicles can be extra tempting for those who are looking to cause some trouble. Recently, PVPD noticed that almost all of the vehicles targeted were left unsecured and unlocked and home burglaries were most where doors and windows were left open and unlocks.
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Keep your homes and vehicles secure this holiday season and follow these tips from the Prescott Valley Police Department.

Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. Burglary Prevention Tips for Vehicles:

Tip 1: Don’t leave vehicles running unoccupied and always lock your car doors and take the keys with you.
Tip 2: Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Tip 3: At night, always park your vehicle in a well-lit and visible place.

Burglary Prevention Tips for Home:

Tip 1: Make your home look occupied using radios, televisions, and light timers.
Tip 2: Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed.
Tip 3: Keep your garage door closed and locked.
Tip 4: When away, have mail held, and ask trusted neighbors to pick up papers and packages.
The Prescott Valley Police Department asks for the public’s assistance in securing your property and encourages you to remain aware in your neighborhood and report anything unusual or suspicious to the police. If you see something, say something!
Prescott Valley Police Department wishes you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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