Safety tips for driving in the rain in San Antonio – San Antonio Express-News

With rain affecting road conditions, here are some best tips for driving in wet weather. 
The recent rain in San Antonio has caused many roads to become slick. 
Wet pavement contributes to 1.2 million traffic accidents every year, according to AAA. And rain contributed to more than 44,000 crashes statewide last year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. 
“The first rain after a long dry period can lead to added slipperiness on the roadways,” Keith White, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in New Braunfels, said. “This happens a lot in California, where summers are always dry. A lot of stuff, including oil and grease from people’s cars gradually collects over several months, and that leads to roads being more slippery.” 
On San Antonio-area drought as seen from space
The amount of traffic on Texas roads, especially interstates, gradually leads to a buildup of substances that increase the slickness of roads during 6 to 8 weeks of rain-free weather, as South Central Texas recently experienced. 
According to the Texas Department of Insurance, rain adds an extra level of danger when driving. Here are some of the agency’s tips for driving in wet conditions. @shepardgprice
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