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RACINE, WI (CBS 58) — Jenna Crawford from the Wisconsin Humane Society brings us some cold weather pet safety tips. We all know how incredibly cold winter in Wisconsin can get, and that kind of weather can truly be dangerous for pets. Here are a few reminders to keep those furry friends safe during frigid temperatures:
When temperatures are below freezing, how should we handle taking our pets outside?
· Take your pet out just long enough for a potty break. You may want to skip walks on those frigid days.
· If you do take a walk, keep it short. Make sure to wipe down paws, legs, and bellies with a towel when you come inside. You don’t want your pet licking themselves and ingesting any salt.
· Just like summer, never leave your pet in a car when it’s cold. Vehicles can quickly become a refrigerator in low temperatures.
Are there any dangers we should be aware of when it’s freezing cold out?
-Watch for signs of frostbite including pale or gray skin, or pain and swelling. If you suspect your pet has frostbite, slowly warm them up and call your vet right away.
-Antifreeze – the sweet smell and taste attracts animals and antifreeze is highly lethal if it’s ingested. Make sure you clean up any spills immediately.
·Honk before starting your vehicle. Cats and other wildlife are attracted to the warmth but can be seriously injured or killed if they’re inside and the car is started.
If we opt just to stay inside with our pets, how can we keep them entertained?
-Get creative with indoor playtime. Laser pointers can be a lot of fun, Kongs or other mentally stimulating toys will keep your pet mentally and physically active. You can also do tricks for treats – offering up tiny treats when your dog sits, shakes, lays down, etc.
Anything else pet owners should keep in mind?
– Make sure all your pet’s ID information is up to date in case they get lost. Snow can cover up scents and make it hard for animals to find their way home. You can find more information on our website – wihumane.org.