Off-duty officer responds to fatal accident – CDCR

Above the Call
While driving to work in the early morning, CSP-Sacramento Correctional Officer John Costello came across a single-car accident in Lincoln.
At 4:35 in the morning on Feb. 23, by the light of his vehicle, Costello could see a vehicle crashed into a tree with one person inside.
“I exited my vehicle and identified a single victim slumped in the driver seat (with no) seat belt. I immediately called 911 and opened the driver-side door. Attempting to establish responsiveness, I performed a sternal rub with no response,” he said.
The officer couldn’t find a pulse and the accident victim was not breathing.
“I extricated the victim from the vehicle and performed CPR for 10 minutes until Lincoln Police arrived with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which I applied and allowed to analyze,” he said. “No shock was advised so I continued CPR for another two minutes until the AED instructed me to stop CPR and analyze.”
Around that time, the Lincoln Fire Department arrived on scene and took over care until the ambulance arrived.
Unfortunately, the victim succumbed to his injuries.
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