NJ man attempts to swat bug while driving, ends up causing crash, police say – NBC New York

A 19-year-old driver trying to swat a bug away ended up causing a crash in New Jersey on Sunday afternoon, according to police.
Hackettstown police officers responded to Route 57 near Nikitin Way shortly before 2 p.m. on a report of a crash.
According to a subsequent investigation, police say, it was determined that a 19-year-old man from Washington Township was driving a 2014 Tesla eastbound on Route 57 when a bug started flying around his face. Allegedly, when he attempted to swat the bug away, he lost control and rear-ended a 2017 Honda that was being driven by another 19-year-old — a woman also from Washington Township.
The impact then caused the woman’s vehicle to crash into a guardrail, police said.
The male driver, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene, was issued a summons for careless driving, police said. Police did not disclose if the woman suffered any injuries.
The “bug-induced” crash, prompted the local Hackettstown Police Department to issue safety tips in case other drivers have the urge to swat a bug while on the road. The police department says: