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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – As students head back to school it’s important to keep mental health in mind.
Going into a new school year sometimes means big changes which some children may find difficult.
But there are tips and resources available for concerned parents.
Dr. Rawn Boulden a mental health expert at WVU says it’s important for parents to talk with their child’s teachers and counselors when they see changes at home.
“Not every kid is going to speak up and offer that information, we should be well versed in changes as far as their appearance, their performance in school, their involvement in extracurricular activities, and other kinds of signs and symptoms that point towards mental health challenges,” said Boulden.
Boulden says in recent years there’s been an increased need for mental health professionals in schools.
Now a team of WVU students are working under a 5-year: 5 million-dollar federal grant in Harrison County schools to fill that need.
Boulden says these students are working alongside professional counselors in these schools to provide culturally responsive cocounseling
“We are looking forward to seeing 2 years from now, 4 years from now, the fruits of our labor,” said Boulden. “The students who are funded through this grant have all committed to staying in West Virginia after graduation to work in school-based mental health and as you may have noticed mental health is a really important topic and we’ve noticed a groundswell of challenges impacting youth and adolescents.”
Boulden says the students funded under this grant are excited to begin the new school year by helping to build a foundation of support for families and youth mental health.
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