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The moment you find out you’re expecting, a million new dilemmas rise before you, from the minor (Can you still fit into your pants?) to the decidedly more major (Can we even do this thing?). Your life is about to change drastically, and you have just about nine months to get ready for the tidal wave. 
One thing you don't have to question: which gear to buy, thanks to the 2022 Best of BabyCenter Awards. Our best-of awards program seeks to recognize and celebrate the problem-solvers, the must-haves, the baby gear parents say they simply can't do without, with an eye towards easing the dilemmas our readers face every day. 
We first identified the 29 product categories that BabyCenter Community parents say they rely on most often. Then we polled BabyCenter readers, putting all of the most popular products within each of those categories up for a head-to-head vote. 
They were happy to oblige, casting over 15,000 votes to choose the best stroller, best infant car seat, best bottles, and more. 
Here are the 2022 Best of BabyCenter Awards winners. And if you're looking for more products our readers love and recommend, our 2022 BabyCenter Food Awards and BabyCenter Home Awards winners might help. 
Why we love it
Installing your child’s car seat is a crucial parenting safety task, and it can be a stressful one, with lots of physical effort and worrisome guesswork. But the Chicco KeyFit 30’s intuitive and high-quality installation features make the process just so much less demanding. There are easy-to-read bubble levels on either side of the seat that ensure you’ve got a safe angle, as well as the LATCH-tightening strap that requires only a few gentle tugs to get the seat’s base in snugly and securely. 
Good to know: The KeyFit also comes in a slightly more expensive version that holds babies up to 35 pounds, but most babies outgrow the seat by height before they weigh that much anyway – so the KeyFit 30 is generally enough for most families. 
Community reviews
“Easy to use and gives me confidence that my baby is safe and secure whether in the car or stroller.”
“It's so comfortable and affordable.”
“Chicco KeyFit is a wonderful car seat for our little one! It's not too bulky like some other name brand car seats but it feels very safe for baby. I also loved the infant insert.”
Why we love it
Parents are all-in for keeping their children safely rear-facing in the car as long as possible, but hate when their child’s legs grow long enough to hit the seat back, which, to many parents, looks uncomfortable. Enter the Graco Extend2Fit with a genius solution: a tray that slides out of the seat and gives your child a place to prop their feet. The result is comfort for both parents and children in a well-performing seat, sold at a reasonable price point. 
Good to know: The Extend2Fit is on the heavy/wide side and can take up more back seat space than some parents prefer. 
Community reviews
“My 4-year-old is still in his Extend2Fit and it's great. My husband accidentally took the infant seat one day and I was able to change the Extend2Fit to put my baby in. Lifesaver moment.”
“Baby rides rear facing longer.”
“Long lasting and worth the money.”
Why we love it
Beloved by lactation consultants and moms alike for its all-around quality at an affordable price point, the Spectra S2 is what’s known as a hospital-grade pump: it has a motor that’s more powerful than many electric breast pumps, which in turn provides stronger suction that can pump more efficiently. Or to put it another way, the Spectra S2 empties your breasts quickly and easily, yet it’s not a bulky monster like many hospital grade pumps. It’s also often covered by insurance, so a new pump is free to you for the asking. 
Good to know: Some experts think the similar Spectra S1 is slightly more powerful; it’s also larger and heavier than the S2, though you can use the S1 without plugging it in, a capability the S2 doesn't have (you can use an external battery pack for mobile use, though). If you have any questions about the right pump for you, your ob-gyn and lactation consultant can help. 
Community reviews
“Spectra is covered by my insurance and is a hospital grade pump.”
“I have a portable one too but nothing beats the Spectra. It really empties you out.”
“Super easy to use. And quiet!”
Why we love it
A cult fave product amongst new moms, the Haakaa does a simple job at a mind-blowingly minor price: without wires, motors, or anything you have to recharge or plug in, this silicone breast pump uses vacuum suction to siphon milk from your breasts. The Haakaa is small and light, easy to wear on one breast while your baby nurses from another, so none of your baby’s precious sustenance leaks away. 
Good to know: Most women find that they still need to use an electric pump for regular daily pumping, and use the Haakaa as a helpful add-on. 
Community reviews
“Being one piece makes it so easy to clean and keep clean. It's very intuitive to use and isn't going to break on you. It also has really good suction and doesn't need to be held on the whole time. It is very comfortable to use.”
“Can use during letdown and build an entire stash without pumping around the clock.”
“Easy to use. Can use on the other side while breastfeeding.”
“This product allowed me to save up over 600 ounces before I went back to work!”
Why we love it
Breastfeeding can be one of the most beautiful experiences a mom can have with her baby, but it’s awfully hard on the neck and back. The Boppy makes things a lot more comfortable and easy, propping your baby up at just the right angle so they can effortlessly drink, and eliminating the stooping that gives breastfeeding moms a sore, stiff neck. 
Good to know: Breastfeeding pillows, like all gear associated with infant feeding, can get dirty and stained quickly, so you may want to have more than one cover for yours so you can have one on while you’re washing the other. 
Community reviews
“Boppy. Hands down. Easy, priced right, also makes great pillow to sit on after giving birth, props up baby well for tummy time or sitting.”
“Didn't realize how helpful a Boppy would be until my second baby. Helped toddler be able to ‘hold’ baby and made it easier to eat while nursing in the early weeks. We definitely got a lot of bang for our buck with the Boppy.”
“Back saver especially for middle of the night feeds.”
Why we love it
Many bottles have tried to imitate Dr. Brown’s technology, but time and time again Dr. Brown’s bottles are the ones recommended by parents who have survived the miserable weeks or months of colic. The Options+ vent (that’s the green part of the bottle) really works to soothe gassy, fussy babies, and when your baby's ready, you can leave it out entirely (that’s the option of the bottle’s name). 
Good to know: This bottle comes in a number of similar-but-not-the-same options that can make them a little confusing to choose: glass, plastic, wide- or narrow-necked, sizes from 4 to 9 ounces. Each has their pluses and minuses; we are picturing and linking to narrow-necked plastic 8-ounce Options+ bottles. 
Community reviews
“I use their 8-ounce bottles as pitchers when I pump. The measurements are accurate and they are super durable and easy to clean.”
“Compared to some of the others listed, this product did do what it said it would do and that is help minimize colic. As a breastfeeding and bottle mom that was an issue I had with my baby that was greatly reduced using this product.”
“The wide-mouth bottles really saved me during my pregnancy related carpal tunnel and the anti-colic vent helped my very gassy baby.”
Why we love it
When parents have a choice in formula (and we know that hasn't exactly been easy in 2022) and ponder the delicate question of what goes in an infant’s delicate stomach, they trust the Similac name. Pro-Advance is the go-to brand for hospital infant feeding and with more than 100 years of research into infant formula going into Similac’s products, parents appreciate the innovative ingredients that make Pro-Advance more like breast milk. 
Good to know: This formula also comes in premixed ready-to-feed bottles. 
Community reviews
“Doesn't have the traditional formula smell and my baby eats it well as well as breast milk.”
“This was the only formula that I could get my daughter to drink.”
“It’s just what works for us.”
Why we love it
With four distinct setups for your growing baby’s different stages, this tub lasts and lasts. The soft mesh sling cradles your newborn securely and safely for first baths, then comes off and the green insert helps wobbly newborns stay upright. Once your child can sit unassisted, remove the insert for a spacious toddler tub, and incorporate the included squeeze bottle and whale-shaped water scoop when they’re ready for playtime.                   
Good to know: This tub comes in a blue/green version as well as a purple/pink one. 
Community reviews
“I like that it grows with babies from infant to toddler. Used it for the first year for 2 kids.”
“I love that it comes with a rinse bottle and a little toy for them and it goes from birth all the way up until 1 -2 years old and still has room for them to play so that they will feel safe even when you transfer them to a big tub.”
“Baby loves it, easy to use and clean.”
Why we love it
One of the newer stroller options on the market, the Evenflo Pivot won readers’ hearts by being both versatile and gently priced. It’s a cinch to flip the seat around from parent- to street-facing, to use the seat in upright toddler mode or reclined infant mode, or to change the stroller from a single to a double (perfect for a growing family, or parents who aren’t sure what size their family will take, and when). In between strolls, the Pivot folds like a dream and even stands by itself. 
Good to know: The Pivot Xpand is most often sold as a travel system with an Evenflo car seat, so make sure you’re purchasing the stroller solo or with a car seat, whichever suits your needs. 
Community reviews
“It’s very light and easy to fold up.”
“Stylish, easy to use.” 
“It’s simply the most flexible.” 
Why we love it
With a simple, minimalist design that won’t clash with your living room decor, and a tough construction that can hold your child up until they’re 2 years old, this bouncer is truly a long-lasting and good-looking investment. It reclines when your baby wants soothing, sits upright when your baby’s ready to play, and best of all, responds to your child’s movements with exuberant and joyful bouncing. Take it with you wherever you go: it folds flat and weighs just three pounds. 
Good to know: This bouncer comes in several subtle colors and various fabrics: cotton, a cotton-jersey mix, quilted fabric, and quick-drying mesh. 
Community reviews
“This can be adjusted as baby grows and can be used as a seat for toddler. It’s so lightweight and collapses flat. It’s a must have for traveling when little one isn’t used to sleeping somewhere new and you’re tired of trying to calm baby in a cramped hotel room. It’s also so easy to bounce, and older babies can even bounce themselves when kicking their feet.”
“Lightweight, easy to use, easy to move around. Baby loves it.”
“Back support, baby support! A perfect balance and allows baby a space to fall asleep after a feed while relieving pressure from carpal tunnel syndrome for mom. The cover also removes easily for washing.”
Why we love it
The toys on this good-looking activity center are cute and fun: a lamb rattle that wobbles, swaying stars, and, best of all, an electronic piano your baby can play with their feet. The seat allows your baby to spin 360 degrees, and when your baby outgrows the activity center it transforms into a play table with a plastic chalkboard surface.
Good to know: The platform beneath the seat doesn’t bounce, but it does sway from side to side a bit. 
Community reviews
“Versatile and has many stages.”
“Cute theme for any gender. It's soft and very modern looking. The colorful ones are too cheesy.”
“Accommodates babies who are shorter and can't touch the floor in a standard jumperoo.”
Why we love it
For delightful comfort at an easy price, this simple glider-and-ottoman combo is definitely a best bet. The seat is generous enough to hold those of generous proportions, the padding is lush, big storage pockets on either side of the chair hold essentials like burp cloths and a portable phone charger for marathon sessions. Put your feet up and glide comfortably back and forth to soothe both your baby and yourself. 
Good to know: This set comes in 22 different combinations of fabric and finish, but all colors are neutrals except for a soft baby pink seat pad option. 
Community reviews
“Love this style.” 
“It glided silently & effortlessly.”
“It is super comfortable (even fell asleep in it a few times while pumping). I love that it has pockets and as a mom who had 2 c-sections, I like how well I was able to get in and out of it holding my baby. I now use it for story time.”
Why we love it
Packed with features that make this play yard suitable for newborns through toddlers, this nursery nerve center comes complete with a changing station and a bassinet (the “travel dome” of the title) that allows your newborn to nap safely. It can also be folded and taken with you in its own carry bag. Once your child’s outgrown the portable bassinet, it comes off to reveal a full-sized bassinet, or a sleep and play space for children weighing up to 30 pounds.
Good to know: Some parents say the initial set up is cumbersome, with lots of little pieces that are easy to lose. 
Community reviews
“Love this; used the basket as a bassinet until my baby grew out of it. Use the playpen in our bedroom.”
“It’s nice to change my baby in this.”
“Multipurpose! Used this as since the newborn stage through 11 months and counting.”
Why we love it
Distinctly different from play mats that are composed of interlocking tiles (which can fray at the edges and stick up after some use), this bright, gorgeous, nicely padded mat consists of a single piece of material that offers about as much play space as a queen-sized bed. It’s waterproof, printed with bright and appealing educational graphics, and rolls up easily for storage in between play times. 
Good to know: Though this mat is waterproof it’s not actually washable; you’ll wipe it clean. 
Community reviews
“Has cute design that baby can play with after getting older. Can be a good start for imaginative play.”
“Because safety is mandatory.”
“It's large enough for both babies and toddlers to use and enjoy.”
Why we love it
This compact, brightly colored play mat offers lots of musical fun, including a piano with five light-up keys and two separate rattle maracas. At first, your baby can play with the overhead toys while kicking at the piano keys. Later your little one can play with the keys during tummy time or detach the piano and take it anywhere. You can attach the toys to the mat to make tummy time more appealing, and you can remove the toy bar, too, when your baby needs more room to sit up. 
Good to know: Though this mat is feature-rich, it’s on the small side, without a lot of room for your baby to squirm and roll around. 
Community reviews
“A total lifesaver when you want the baby to amuse him or herself while you do other things.”
“This is great. My baby can play on the back or tummy and also use their feet. It helps with their motor skills and coordination.”
“It gives baby lots to do and keeps them engaged.”
Why we love it
It has a great classic style, it’s constructed of sustainable New Zealand pine, and its paint is both lead- and phthalate-free. But best of all, buy this crib and your child sleeps comfortably as long as they live with you, since this crib converts first into a toddler bed, then a daybed, then a full-sized bed with a headboard. Now that’s a long-lasting sleeping space! 
Good to know: This crib also comes in a mini version, so make sure you know which you’re buying. 
Community reviews
“The convertible nature makes it my favorite. It’s also solid wood so it will last.”
“Delta is a trusted furniture brand that’s known for their quality and style.”
“I’ve used Delta for all my kids and am still using their cribs for my toddler and newborn. This crib is very easy to set up and very sturdy.”
Why we love it
This simple, safe crib mattress stands out with its solid and high-quality materials. The woven cotton cover is waterproof and allergy-resistant, while the mattress contains organic cotton and is GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions. Dual sides are made to grow with your baby, with a firmer side for infants and a softer one for toddlers.
Good to know: This mattress does not come with a washable cover; if you want one (you do!), you'll have to buy one separately. 
Community reviews
“Lightweight and it’s easy to change the sheets.”
“Grows with your children.” 
“I like that it has an infant and a toddler side. We were able to bundle this product with the purchase of our crib.”
Why we love it
Fans of this gentle and organic baby brand love that these cotton-knit jersey sheets feel just like an old favorite T-shirt and come in dozens of beautiful, sophisticated patterns that class up your nursery and stay colorful, wash after wash. These stalwart sheets also fit snugly on crib mattresses and resist bunching up or pulling off at the corners.
Good to know: Cheaper sheets are out there, but they don’t wear as well. 
Community reviews
“Cozy and soft!”
“Great graphics and comfortable.”
“Super soft and breathable for baby!”
Why we love it
No need for complicated folds and tucks that your baby will break out of in the middle of the night: Halo’s SleepSack Swaddle makes it a positive snap to wrap your baby up in a soothing swaddle, with a zipper to secure your baby inside, then Velcro wings that wrap your baby for a perfect fit like a hug. When your baby’s ready to make the transition to unswaddled sleeping, you can wrap your baby with either arm out, or both; no need to abruptly abandon what’s been working for you and your baby. 
Good to know: This same style of swaddle is available in cotton, cotton muslin, and microfleece versions for various levels of warmth, so you'll need to choose the one that's best for your baby’s sleep conditions. 
Community reviews
“So easy to use.” 
“Great design. Perfect to start transitioning your baby from being swaddled to a regular sleeping back or wearable blanket.”
“Easier to use than trying to do the burrito. I wish I’d brought this to the hospital.”
Why we love it
This comfy sleeping space adjusts to beds of almost any height, and swivels 360 degrees so you can easily reach your newborn (even if you’ve had a c-section!). Parents love the mesh sides that give a great view of your baby from any angle, and that the “basket” of this bassinet can be lifted off and used just about anywhere for safe sleep. When nervous new parents don’t want to take their eyes off their babies even to sleep, this bassinet helps soothe their fears safely. 
Good to know: The set comes with a waterproof mattress and a fitted sheet, but since the mattress is an unusual shape, you’ll have to buy custom-made sheets if you want to have extra; sheets made for standard cribs or mini-cribs will not fit. 
Community reviews
“Halo just makes quality. The swivel is so convenient!”
“So convenient to move baby closer and farther away from the bed and easy to get them in the middle of the night while still in bed and put them back after feeding. The best!”
“I used the swivel feature so much in the first 3 months. I could bring my baby close to me and easily move him out of the way if I need to get out of bed.”
Why we love it
At an outrageously low price, this structured baby carrier has most of the marquee bells and whistles of more expensive carriers, including four options for carrying your baby (hence the 4-in-1 in the title) that include your infant facing you, facing out, or carried safely on your back. It doesn't require a newborn insert, and the straps are thickly padded enough for comfy all-day wear. 
Good to know: If you're worried about getting sweaty when carrying your baby, this carrier also comes in a breathable mesh Light & Airy version. 
Community reviews
“Affordable and multi-use.”
“Adjustable, great for front facing.”
“Makes baby carrying much easier and more comfortable for both me and my baby too.”
Why we love it
When your baby is new and floppy, they simply want to be close to you all the time. And the best way to keep your baby soothingly close to your heart, yet have your hands free to live your life, is to wear them in a comfy wrap carrier. Moby edges out competitors with its soft, stretchy material that parents say is easier to secure, and its simple yet versatile design, which allows parents to wear babies in many different styles on their front, back, or hip (the included instruction guide will show you everything you need to know). 
Good to know: Some parents find wrap carriers intimidating, especially at first, and prefer a carrier that straps to one that wraps. 
Community reviews
“Easy to use and so comfy!”
“Easy to put on and baby is comfortable.”
“Used this carrier ALL. THE. TIME.  Around the house, baseball games, family events, shopping, restaurants…The possibilities are endless!”
Why we love it
Parents love the fit of Pampers Swaddlers, and the newborn-friendly features, which include a cut-out space on each diaper for your baby's healing umbilical cord stump and an indicator that changes colors to let you know when your little one needs a change. They’re also solid for up to 12 hours of overnight protection – which means fewer middle-of-the-night diaper changes.
Good to know: Some parents find what Pampers calls its “powder fresh” fragrance overpowering.
Community reviews
“They fit my daughter well and don't leak. Very few blow outs with this brand.”
“Super soft and affordable.”
“We tried others, but nothing beats Pampers Swaddlers. They're thin and absorb so much.”
Why we love it
Formulated especially for sensitive baby skin, these wipes are fragrance-free, sturdy, soft, and gentle at a reasonable price. Containing pH-balanced lotion, these wipes are a great defense against diaper rash and suitable for everyday use. 
Good to know: Parents sometimes complain that the packaging on these wipes doesn’t make it easy to pull out a single each time. 
Community reviews
“Pampers is a reliable name brand of toiletries for babies. And when using them on myself they feel just as good.”
“The only wipes I have used because they don’t give my children rashes.”
“I use whatever I have that is sensitive but Pampers seem to be the winner.”
Why we love it
Diaper bags are one of those baby items that vary wildly: You can buy a cheap tote bag for just a few bucks to lug your essentials, or spend hundreds on a designer style. But why would you, when this bargain beauty has pockets for everything you need, including two insulated bottle sleeves and a handy diaper organizer, and stands up by itself so you can root through it with both hands. 
Good to know: We wish this bag had a clasp at the chest area to hold shoulder straps together while wearing, which helps distribute weight better. 
Community reviews
“Many pockets and strong material.”
“Perfect bag! Easy to get items out with one hand for a diaper change. Comes with a portable diaper changing pad that is a large enough size to use beyond infant stage. Lots of pockets to stay organized and easily fits under a seat on the airplane.”
“Has the perfect amount of pockets, pacifier holder, and insulation for bottles.”
Why we love it
The Genie’s odor-lock system puts the kibosh on diaper stink, and you never have to touch anything dirty. Just step to open the pail and toss, then pull out the bag of diapers from the clean bottom of the sack when full. C-section moms love not having to bend over to discard diapers, too. 
Good to know: This pail requires Playtex-compatible refill bags, so take that cost into consideration.
Community reviews
“I can’t smell the diapers after they’re in there. Easy to replace.”
“Keeps the stink in and lots of no name brand refills fit to save on $$$.”
“Keeps the smells in, easy to use.”
Why we love it
This traditional furniture-top changing pad is comfy for your baby and easy for you: it stays put, it’s nice and long for growing babies, the waterproof cover wipes clean over and over again, and it’s extraordinarily inexpensive for something you’ll use seamlessly for years on end. 
Good to know: This pad is hardly a looker, but there are many covers you can buy to switch out and keep things cheery and clean. 
Community reviews
“Side parts help keep wiggle babies on the pad.”
“Easy to clean, many covers fit.” 
“Cheap, does the job easily.”
Why we love it
This trendy nursery must-have combines a nightlight, sound machine, and a toddler training clock into one good-looking gadget parents control with a phone or tablet. Program the Rest to turn off and on at a scheduled time (which is very handy for making transitions like Daylight Saving shifts), or operate on the fly with the Rest app. The sound quality is good, and parents deeply appreciate being able to operate everything from their phone. 
Good to know: For an additional $30, you can buy the Hatch Rest+, which includes all the features on the Rest plus an audio baby monitor, clock, backup battery, and wifi capability.
Community reviews
“It's quiet and the light helps my little one drift off to dreamland.”
“We have one of these in each of our boys’ rooms! You can control everything in the app. I love that I can schedule it to turn on during nap times and bedtimes. Definitely worth the price!”
“Very soothing for when baby is napping or sleeping for the night.”
Why we love it
Parents with concerns about the safety and security of wifi baby monitors are fans of this internet-free video baby monitor, which is lightweight, portable, and has cool customizable lenses to switch out and change the zoom capability on the camera. You can also adjust the camera's view from a distance: pan around the room, tilt to see up or down, or zoom in for small details (are those baby eyes open or closed?). 
Good to know: The camera is sold with a standard and zoom lens, while the wide angle lens is sold separately. 
Community reviews
“I love that it is super easy to add cameras.”
“Great camera, easy to use and battery lasts a long time.”
“Works really well, and I like that you can get a different wide angle lens when they are older. Allows you to see more of the room. Night vision is really great too, and sound works really well.”
“Decent range, easily switch between multiple cameras. Love that it doesn't connect to wifi for security reasons. Monitor battery lasted over 2 years of daily use before it started not holding a charge for as long. Replacement battery was inexpensive.”
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