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Deputies from The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a one-vehicle accident, early Sunday morning.
James George, 41, of Bellefontaine was traveling what is believed to have been 70 MPH on Township Road 218 when he went off the right side of the roadway.
George traveled over a gravel driveway, struck a landscaping boulder, and then continued through the yard.
He struck a tree and was ejected from the vehicle when it split in two.
George was able to phone his wife who called 911, reporting the accident.
When deputies arrived on the scene they found George to be seriously injured, lying in the yard.
EMS from Bellefontaine responded to the scene.
George was flown to OSU Medical Center for treatment.
At the time of press, his condition is unknown.
Deputies learned that the vehicle was reported stolen the night before by the Bellefontaine Police Department.
George was cited for Failure to Control and Driving Without a License.
Driving a known stolen vehicle and no charges? What’s up with that?
I’m going to a**ume there are more charges pending they’re probably making sure he’s going to survive
Or some have to go to grand jury..
Can’t get ejected with a seatbelt on
I am guessing the seatbelt holder was ripped from the vehicle when it spot in two pieces.
Split, that is
Yes you can. There are some seat belts that have a false latch. Seat belts have also decapitated people.
Steve, it’s quite apparent that you don’t know about some vehicles that have been manufactured, with the ability to split in two, especially when older, rusted, and involved in a hard impact. IF an individual has been ejected from a hard impact, it is quite possible that they are still in the seat with the seat belt fastened. The seat belt fasteners bolted through the floor can, and will, separate; often saving lives from a possible fire or being crushed when wrapped around a tree or heavy-duty pole or concrete fixture.
I read another article that it was reported stolen BECAUSE he missed a payment on it with the person he was buying it from. Could be why he was not charged for stealing the car, because they are investigating that part.
Before people start saying s*** like karma wait until the facts come out. James was sold that car for 1,000$ the guy signed the title over into James’s name and it was notorized. Besides having the title, he also had 2 car keys and the regerstration to the car. A week after he was sold the car the POS who sold it to him asked to buy it back for 300$ (have the messages to prove it) when James refused the POS came while James was at work and stole it out of our driveway (have neighbors as witnesses) he had a 3rd car key we didn’t know about, then he went and filed for a lost title and lost dated it for before he signed the title over to James but it’s his signature on the title and I’m sure they have a way to tell it’s his signature because this POS has been in trouble multiple times with the police and I’m sure the courts have his signature on file.
And 2 wrongs don’t make it right!
I know James. He is a hard working man and loving father and husband. Not a car thief. My how people judge people so fast at that they know nothing about.
LOL and thoughts.
Never jump to conclusions! The whole story is the one that counts!
My Angel was killed on his bike and the gentleman was willing to die to save my child and less than 24 hours later, MADD called and accused that gentleman of being drunk. Watch your mouth people don’t make negative comments when you have no answers. My family was devastated especially my other kids. Think before you comment.
Praying 🙏🏼 for everyone involved. The truth will come out
For a “Family-Friendly Group” I find it quite appalling to have to read the negative comments about something people really should not be making. If they were ever a part of the family involved, where the negativity is being used, just maybe they’d have a better understanding.
People really need to stop posting with their lack of common sense comments; think first, re-read what you wrote before you submit the hatefulness.
So very sorry will be praying for this young man his family. Instead of accusing try praying
“George was able to phone his wife who called 911, reporting the accident.”
Ummm, Ole George was able to call his wife but not 911 himself?
Strange indeed…
Not really. My husband called me when he got into a wreck because he was in shock. The first thing he thought to do was call me, it’s not that uncommon.
Let’s start an investigation, since that’s the salient issue here. Inquiring Minds want to know.
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