Kerala toddler falls off moving car: Safety tips to follow while travelling with a baby – The Indian Express

A toddler from Kerala thankfully remained unharmed after she fell off her sleeping mother’s lap from a moving jeep.
The 13-month-old baby slipped off in Rajamal within Munnar forest range, on their way back from a temple visit in Tamil Nadu. She managed to crawl up to a nearby check post, where she was rescued by officials.
#WATCH Kerala: A one-year-old child falls out of a moving car in Munnar region of Idukki district. The girl child was later rescued and handed over to the parents. (08.09.2019)
— ANI (@ANI) September 9, 2019
Parents have to be extremely cautious when they are travelling with a baby. Necessary precautions need to be taken when you are taking your baby out on a drive. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.
If your baby is too small, place them in a baby car seat but make sure it is of the appropriate age and has the right size. This will keep your baby safe from jerks and jumps.
Before you begin to drive, buckle up your baby and check if he or she is wearing the seat belt right until the time you stop the car.
It is always advisable to put your baby on the back seat to minimise chances of injury which can happen if seated in front.
Never leave your baby unattended. Pay close attention to your little one all throughout the journey. If you are travelling with someone else, you can take turns to keep a check on the baby.
Don’t use a mobile phone while driving to avoid any distraction.
Don’t forget to put the child lock on while travelling with your baby. This will protect your child from slipping off the car or being injured.
Even after you have taken all precautions, don’t drive too fast while travelling with your baby. Follow traffic rules and drive safely.
Before you step out of the car, don’t forget to check the back seat to ensure your baby is not left alone inside the car. To ensure you remember this, keep a belonging like a mobile phone or wallet at the back.
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