It's A Dog's Life Fostering Network shares winter pet safety tips –

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Northwestern Ontario has played witness to a bone-chilling cold snap in recent weeks with temperatures ranging from -20 to minus -30 degrees Celsius without the windchill.
People can bundle up as they have all the facilities within their home, but some pets need to embark outside and face the cold to handle their business.
Chris Madison, from It’s A Dog’s Life Fostering Network spoke on some very important pet safety tips when taking your furry friend outside for any length of time.
“The biggest thing I find is a dog’s feet, that is where they really struggle especially if they haven’t gotten used to the cold. I would recommend if your dog can handle wearing boots. There are all kinds of jackets and coats on the market,” Madison said.
“I wouldn’t really have them out in minus 40-degree weather without some sort of protection, and I would not have them out very long especially if they’re an inside dog.”
Madison is encouraging the community to welcome stray or stranded pets into their home to warm up during the cold weather until the appropriate services can arrive.
As well she is suggesting people if they see any harm being done to a pet such as being tied up with no shelter to reach out to the Treaty Three Police Service (T3PS) or Animal Welfare.
The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society have released their 10 winter pet safety tips:
Sat, May 13, 5:00 PM
Sun, May 14, 7:00 PM
Mon, May 15, 9:30 AM
Tue, May 16, 6:00 PM
Tue, May 23, 7:00 PM
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