Iowa winter weather: Safety tips during historic cold snap – Des Moines Register

This week’s frigid weather isn’t just an inconvenience for Iowans, it’s downright dangerous. 
Daily lows have dropped each day since Friday, according to the National Weather Service, which recorded a high of 20 that day and a low of 8. Since then, daily lows have been negative 2 Saturday, 5 below zero Sunday, negative 6 Monday and 11 below zero Tuesday. Lows will continue to dip through the weekend, when NWS says it’ll be negative 17 both Saturday and Sunday — and wind chills could reach 30 below zero.
That’s cold enough for frostbite to set in after less than half an hour, so for those who must spend time outside, Polk County Emergency Management recommends wearing several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing.
More tips from Polk County to stay safe in freezing weather:
Local officials also recommend taking advantage of heated stores and malls, when possible, or visiting one of the following warming centers in Des Moines:
While warming centers are not staffed to provide services, they are deemed safe by the city. Those in need of services should seek out local shelters, listed below, which are staffed with professionals. Des Moines Area Regional Transit buses are providing free transport to CISS and identified warming centers around the city for free during the extreme cold.
Tips for your car:
Tips for your house:
Tips for your pets from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa:
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