Illinois Tollway provides emergency services, safe driving tips in winter weather –

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Illinois Tollway advises people to not drive during the inclement weather if possible. However, if you must they share a few safe driving tips to help get you through the snow.
ROCKFORD (WREX) – As the expected two to six inches of snow continue to fall into the Stateline this weekend, the roadways are becoming more dangerous for those who are traveling. 
Steve Mednis, General Manager of Traffic and Incident Management at Illinois Tollway, says motorists should try to avoid driving during inclement weather. 
“If you don’t need to be out in inclement weather, it’s probably in your best interest to just avoid it all costs… but we know people have jobs that they have to go to,” says Mednis. 
Illinois Tollway recommends not only slowing down but creating plenty of space between yourself and the snowplows. 
“Look for and stay within tracks of other vehicles if it hasn’t been plowed that’s a key… if you can’t see the lane lines but a designation of where they used to be, follow the tracks and that’s probably your best bet until the plows come through. And again keep a safe distance from them but your best place to be is behind a plow,” says Mednis. 
As more snow falls, it’s important to keep leading vehicles tail lights in the line of sight of a driver. 
“Keep tabs on that the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you and if you see them slow down, you slow down. That’s a really dangerous situation…. we saw that unfortunately yesterday and many places where you’re going to have a multi-vehicle crash,” says Mednis. 
The Illinois Tollway has additional winter safety tips:
Be sure to have your cell phone fully charged in case of an emergency. 
Make sure that your tires have been properly inflated prior to driving. 
Keep your gas tank at least halfway full. 
Create a cold weather safety kit. This can include items such as a flashlight with extra batteries, gloves, blankets, water, and other comfort items. 
If you do find yourself in an emergency and in need of roadside assistance, the Illinois Tollway can send a trucks to help.
Pull over and dial *999 to alert the service, which is available Monday through Friday from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
The Illinois Tollway will have their crews and snowplows working 24 hours to keep the roadways clear.
Multimedia Journalist
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