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Returning to school can be stressful for students, especially after a long break. With the added pressure of trying to keep up with classes, homework, and social activities, it can be tempting to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like vaping. Tobacco companies are promoting vapes as a stress reliever and a healthier alternative to smoking, but this claim is far from accurate. Vapes, like cigarettes, contain nicotine that can harm their health and mental well-being.
Educators and parents can share facts and valuable information with students to help them make informed decisions. They can encourage students to choose activities that benefit their physical and mental health, such as journaling, art, exercise, meditation, or spending time with friends and family.
When students take care of themselves, they can handle the stress of school in a healthy, positive way. Ultimately, this can lead to a decrease in harmful choices such as vaping.
We’ve partnered with, which helps students prioritize their emotional health and well-being. It offers a variety of resources and tools to help young people manage stress, improve their relationships, live a more fulfilling life, and choose to learn the facts about vaping.
Tobacco companies have a history of using attractive flavors and packaging to target teens. But there are tons of not-so-pretty risks when it comes to vaping. Knowing the facts can help students keep sight of their values and priorities.
When life gets overwhelming, reaching for a vape or cigarette may seem like a quick fix, but nicotine can keep youth from finding calm. The next time things get stressful, tell a student to give one or more of these ideas a go:
If a student struggles with nicotine addiction or needs someone to talk to, help is out there. Here are some resources:
Support with Quitting
Support with Mental Health
Students can stay healthy and focused throughout the school year by prioritizing self-care, seeking counseling or support groups, and avoiding harmful habits like vaping.
For additional resources, visit and our website:
Originally published 9/11/2023

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