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Getting a speeding ticket can lead to a significant car insurance rate increase.
Sarah Li-Cain
There’s no definitive number or percentage that your car insurance premium will increase following a speeding ticket. The amount largely depends on your insurance provider — for instance, Progressive customers who got a speeding ticket paid on average 15% more for a six-month policy.
With that said, you should expect some type of increase. Insurance providers generally consider people who speed as higher-risk drivers.
Other factors that could affect your insurance premium include:
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That depends. If you receive your first speeding ticket, but otherwise have a clean driving record and didn’t drive too much over the speed limit, your insurance carrier may forgive the offense. This is especially true if you have no prior claims for the last several years with the same insurance provider.
The more speeding tickets you have, though, the more you can expect your premium to go up. Should you continue to rack up serious traffic violations, your insurance carrier may decide not to renew your policy, or even cancel it entirely.

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If you get a speeding ticket, your insurance provider may increase your premium when it’s time to renew your policy. Most car insurance policies are either for six or 12 months.
If you’re unsure of when your policy renews and recently got a speeding ticket, it’s best to contact your insurer to find out.

The good news is that a speeding ticket won’t be on your driving record forever. In most cases, your speeding ticket that resulted in a premium increase will remain there for three to five years, depending on which state you live in.
After that time, you may see your insurance premiums go down, though it’ll ultimately depend on your insurer.
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You can increase your chances of receiving a lower car insurance rate after a speeding ticket by taking the following steps:

Yes, you can contest a speeding ticket. The rules and regulations to do so, however, will depend on the state you live in. You should be able to find instructions on the ticket copy.
In most cases, you’ll need to provide evidence that indicates the court should remove your speeding ticket. Evidence may include photos of missing or damaged speed limit signs or copies of the ticketing officer’s notes.
Otherwise, you can contact your local or county court, or wherever you were given the speeding ticket. Successfully contesting the ticket means it’ll be taken off your record, and your insurance carrier will most likely not increase your rate.
If you don’t successfully contest the ticket, you’ll need to pay the ticket or risk further penalties. Though it depends on your county or state, you should be able to pay for your ticket online, by mail, in person, or by phone.

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