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September 7, 2023
There is no “Breaking Free” from this mess…
In another shocking twist of events, actress Ashley Tisdale has found herself at the center of a legal storm after being sued over a recent car crash. The former Disney Channel star quickly became a national news headline after news of the lawsuit broke.
On March 18, 2005, Asley Tisdale became an overnight celebrity with the release of the Disney Channel original series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Tisdale, who played the character Maddie in the series, was instantly a star thanks to her comedic chops and likable personality. It became very clear that Tisdale was an actress to watch within Hollywood’s young actor community.
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However, Tisdale truly became a household name when she booked the iconic role of Sharpay in the High School Musical franchise. The series showed off Tisdale’s acting range, vocal ability, and dance moves. After three successful movies, Tisdale was even given her own spinoff film, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. Since then, it was clear that Ashley Tisdale was a true Disney Channel royalty.
However, Tisdale is no longer the teen idol she once was. Tisdale is now 38 years old, a wife to musical Christopher French, and a mother to their daughter, Jupiter. Despite taking a step away from the spotlight, Tisdale’s name is now all over the tabloids and news sites.
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In September of 2022, Tisdale got in a car accident with a woman named Lina Gonzales. Now, Gonzales and her attorney, Michael R. Parker, have commented on the ongoing incident.
According to Parker, Lina Gonzales was driving on Hollywood Boulevard when she collided with Tisdale. Gonzales claims that Tisdale merged into her lane, which caused the collision. She also claims that Tisdale made a huge scene after the collision, even going as far as to call her names.
Gonzales claims that she has sustained severe neck and back injuries from the accident that have resulted in $140,000 in personal medical expenses. She also claims that the injury has severely impacted her personal life and protection. Parker claims that their side asked Tisdale for $600,000 to cover the damages caused to Gonzales.
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However, Tisdale and her team of representatives tell a very different side of this story. Tisdale’s team claims that no such words were exchanged after the incident. Her team has also denied Gonzales’ demand for $600,000.
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