Greenhill Humane Society offers cold weather safety tips for pets – KATU

by News Staff

With cold weather forecasted for the area, Greenhill Humane Society is encouraging pet owners to take extra precaution in keeping pets safe from the elements.
Greenhill says dry, cold air, chilly rain, sleet, and snow can cause chapped paws, itchy skin, and other discomforts to your pet.
“Our animals love outdoor adventures just as much as us, but as we start to experience colder days in the Willamette Valley, it’s important to keep your pets’ health and comfort in mind,” said Sasha Elliott, Greenhill’s Director of Operations. “We urge pet parents to put a cozy sweater on their pet before walks, add a warm blanket to their bed, or limit their time outside in harsh conditions. Also remember to give outside cats indoor access to help protect them from freezing temperatures.”

Here are some tips to ensure your pets are safe this winter season: