Garfield NJ car crash video shows pedestrian nearly hit –

Dramatic surveillance footage in Garfield this week showed a vehicle speeding through an intersection and narrowly avoiding a pedestrian before striking two vehicles, a journey that miraculously resulted in no serious injuries.
The video, posted on the Garfield Police Instagram page Wednesday morning, shows a white sedan driven by an 88-year-old woman driving erratically on Passaic Street before crashing near Midland Avenue at 1:45 p.m. Monday. The woman suffered a medical episode that caused her to press down on the gas pedal and lose control of the vehicle, police said in the post.
The sedan traveled onto the sidewalk under the Passaic Street train trestle, causing “significant damage” by striking a light post, traffic light and large flower pot, police said. It came seconds away from hitting a man walking to work under the trestle, as highlighted in the video.
The sedan continued past the Midland Avenue intersection, where it crashed into two vehicles waiting at the traffic light. Responding officers attended to the woman before she was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
The sedan driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle, was conscious with only minor leg injuries from the impact, police said. Officers said her life was undoubtedly saved by wearing a seatbelt.
There were no reported injuries to the occupants of the other vehicles. Police did not identify any of the drivers and did not respond to a request for more information Wednesday.