Fresno County Coroner's identify driver killed in crash racing down Blackstone – KFSN-TV

Investigators say witnesses saw a Dodge Charger racing a truck down Blackstone just before the crash.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The Fresno County Coroner's Office has identified the driver who died racing down a busy street in Fresno.
Officials say 18-year-old Aeneas McClain of Fresno was killed after he crashed during a street race down Blackstone Avenue on Monday afternoon.
The crash happened around 2 p.m. in the area of Blackstone and San Jose Avenues.
Investigators say witnesses saw a Dodge Charger racing a truck down Blackstone just before the crash.
"We believe that driver was actually street racing with another pick up that was not involved in the accident," said Lt. Bill Dooley.
Officers say the Charger hit a red-colored truck on the road, spun into the intersection, and slammed into a black truck.
The driver of the Charger was rushed to a local hospital, where officials say he later died.
Both truck drivers had minor injuries and only one went to the hospital for treatment.

The truck involved in the race left the area and officers are working to identify the driver.
People in the area says it's upsetting to see what they call an avoidable death.
Local teacher Kathryn Kochakis says she worries for her high school students who are out on the roads.
"Once you're in a crash or a wreck or something, you can't take it back. You know it happens in an instant. You tell them 'don't do it,'" said Kochakis.
The city is cracking down on street racing by taking steps to impound the cars of those who take part.
As recently as February 5, the city impounded 17 cars caught participating in illegal side shows.
Fresno City Council Member Mike Karbassi says impounding is working as a huge deterrent.
" It's not just the 30 days that we keep your car and charge you basically rent for everyday, it's the fact that you get points on your license, you may lose your insurance and if not you're going to get a hefty fine from your insurance, and you may lose your license as well. It will cost you thousands of dollars," explained Karbassi.
Karbassi says just because drivers don't get caught right away, doesn't mean police aren't searching for them using cell phone or other surveillance video.
In the case of Monday's crash, Fresno Police are reviewing surveillance video collected in the area of Blackstone and San Jose to determine the driver of the truck seen racing with the Charger.
Police couldn't say if the driver of that truck will face charges.
Blackstone from Shaw to Barstow Avenues was closed for several hours, but has since reopened.
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