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WALDORF, Md. – A serious motor vehicle accident took place on southbound Crain Highway in the area of Acton Lane on September 3, 2023 at approximately 9:07 p.m. Emergency personnel responded to the incident and found two vehicles involved, resulting in multiple occupants being injured, including four children.
Upon arrival, emergency medical services evaluated the occupants on the scene and requested a MEDEVAC for a four-year-old male patient who suffered head injuries.
One ambulance transported three pediatric patients, including a two-year-old male, a five-year-old male, and a 14-year-old female to UM Charles Regional Medical Center. A second ambulance transported one adult patient to UM Charles Regional Medical Center.
Firefighters established a landing zone on Raby Road for Maryland State Police Aviation Command, Trooper 2.  MSPAC Trooper 2 arrived and flew the four-year-old male patient to Children’s National Medical Center for further treatment.
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I saw the aftermath of the accident last night. This is the 3rd accident I have seen at that intersection in just over a week. All 3 accidents on the southbound side at the right hand turn lane to Acton Lane. It’s just a bad intersection.
Sad for all involved and, prayerfully, they are on a road to full recovery.
But, lack of driving skills and defensive driving is the cause of most accidents. People need to pay attention.
I couldn’t agree with you more shannon. They See It On The Roads And Read About It In The Papers And The Tv News But Yet They Continue To Not Pay Attention. I Will Never End. I Don’t Call Them Accidents. I Call Them Crashes lol.
I go by there almost daily and the problem is the drivers turning right BOTH ways onto Acton Lane from 301 North & South. They don’t want to stop for oncoming drivers, so they don’t stop long enough to see if other drivers are coming across 301 from Acton Lane.
Always has been. Years ago, I witnessed a m/v accident involving a m/c. Car pulled right out in front of the motorcycle.
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