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Sean McCawley is a Napa-based fitness specialist, personal trainer, and the founder and owner of Napa Tenacious Fitness. Contact him at 707-287-2727 or visit
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Bone mineral density can be defined as the strength present within the internal structure of our bones.

The sciatic nerve is a significant structure toward the optimal function of one of the most critical actions we perform in our everyday lives, walking and standing.

Exercises such as dumbbell bicep curls, pushups, and shoulder stretches are simple yet effective tactics that significantly improve upper extremity strength. 

In the fitness industry, personal trainers see back pain as a primary culprit to impeding an exercise participant’s progress. 

Let’s appreciate the fun and enjoyment physical activity brings us. Adding a stimulating and healthy form of exercise throughout our day gives us the gift of enhancing our physical well-being to live happy, healthy, and strong lives.

A diligent habit of daily hydration is necessary to help Napa’s inhabitants in this one-of-a-kind paradise be productive and enjoy their overall quality of life while enduring warmer climates during the summer months.

One of the most prevalent goals we hear from our personal training clients just signing up for a fitness program at our gym is to live with less pain. Sharp spasms along the spine and hips when bending down to pick up objects from the ground, gingerly walking through the hallway after getting out of bed for those first few slow and tenders steps in the morning due to plantar fasciitis or heal pain, or simply struggling to open a jar of mayonnaise due to wrist and finger weakness can seem like quite the struggle. Pain presents itself in our lives more than we think.

“Why is it called a hangover,” said Ares, the god of war. Hercules retorted, “Because when you drink too much booze, you’re going to hang your head over that rail and…” I’ll allow the readers to use their imagination to envision the subsequent chain of events that occurred.

Calories present themselves in many scenarios in our lives. On the back of any container or package of food at the grocery store, you’ll find the nutrition facts displaying how many calories are in a serving size of the container’s contents. After consulting with a doctor about our BMI, our doctor might ask us what our daily caloric intake is. Counting calories also includes a critical tactic most of society constantly struggles with, weight loss. Understanding how many calories are in the foods we eat is a part of our society that influences our decisions to consume types of food and quantities of foods.

The physical demands of balance have many definitions. A broad description of balance-themed exercises we focus on with our personal training clients is the ability to address unbalanced situations. Optimal balance means that a human can adjust proficiently during periods in which they are imbalanced. Whether it be the inversion of the ankle when stepping laterally, catching one’s foot on an object on the ground, or absorbing a percussive blow from an object colliding with our body, the ability to correct these occurrences of swaying the body away from its center of gravity is essential to avoiding injury and enjoying productive everyday lives. 
“Wait, stop. Can you hear that?” Standing at the end of the quarter-mile hike up to the peak of Westwood Hills in Napa, my friend instructed m…

On the menu were carrots dipped in hummus and a homemade Greek yogurt blueberry parfait with shaved almonds and honey. I was comfortably satiated after a 15-minute food escapade in my hotel room. I traveled back down to the convention center and attended the remainder of our meetings and seminars.

Sometimes we need to take a pit stop and tighten the bolts in our joints. It’s not abnormal to experience an injury from a random situation. However, we don’t need to let those injuries and the pain we experience derail us. If an injury pops up, don’t panic. With a small diagnostic of the injury and a solid game plan, we can return to our path to success in our fitness journey.

Shoulder pain can be debilitating.

Most of us know what we need to do regarding exercise. So, what can we do if we don’t have time? Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley has some suggestions.

Balance is a unique aspect of our physical activity affecting many interactions in our everyday lives.

Weight loss is one of the most common fitness goals. 
The sun is out in full force. The vivid blue sky and toasty weather gracing Napa Valley have finally appeared following a frosty and damp wint…

Even when it’s cold and rainy, find time to exercise indoors, says Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley. The positive endorphins the body experiences during exercise are well worth it.

The fear of pain shouldn’t keep people from pursuing the lifelong benefits of physical exercise, says Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley.

Focusing on simple ingredients has the potential to keep us on a healthy track to efficiently manage our weight, heal the body and fend off disease, says fitness expert McCawley.

How is the human body like a 1,400 year-old redwood tree?

Walking might seem like a task as simple as breathing, but exercises can help make it safer. 

Napa Valley fitness guru Sean McCawley ponders the notion that aches and pains will get better with time. Really?

Even though our lives are filled with convenience, we still need to train our bodies to accomplish things that can’t be achieved immediately, says Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley.

The simple act of setting a time limit to perform an exercise routine for fifteen, twenty, or thirty minutes can produce substantial benefits to an individual’s health and well-being.

It’s essential to be picky when choosing exercises in your routine. The most effective exercise in the world can quickly become obsolete if the routine becomes mundane or causes more damage than when beginning the program.

“This year, I’m losing weight.” If fulfilling these plans were as easy as a few-word mission statement, we’d all have physiques of Greek gods, says Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley.

It’s essential to be picky when choosing exercises in your routine. The most effective exercise in the world can quickly become obsolete if the routine becomes mundane or causes more damage than when beginning the program.

When you enjoy the bounty of holiday treats, just watch out for overindulgence and falling into “the comfort food gorge,” advises fitness guru Sean McCawley.

Activating the core throughout the day and preventing common injuries is a key ingredient to help our everyday functionality.

Is it better to dwell on pains and problems or look ahead to “the next logical step” to achieving health and joy?

Just five minutes of inclined walking once a week can improve muscular strength, decrease joint pain, and add another fun and engaging adventure to a weekly walking routine.

Sean McCawley shares exercises to strengthen balance and help avoid dangerous falls. 

Even fitness gurus like Sean McCawley get the urge to indulge in less-than-healthy treats. Here is what he does. 

A visit to Washington D.C., reveals a city full of stairs. 

Everyone gets sick but if we include regular exercise and  recreational physical activity into our lives, we don’t have to be sick for very long. That’s why it pays off to be healthy.

Missing a week of exercise at your local gym is not the end of the world. Having the “slow drip” dose of simple and effective exercises every day promotes substantial results too.

Before you embark on an trip, it’s a good idea to prepare yout body a few months in advance to manage the stresses of travel.

Isometric exercises may be an alternative for people pressed to find the time to get to the gym. 

What happens when you miss your workouts for a week? It’s not all bad news. 

When tech blunts physical activity, we can still avoid underuse injuries through efficient and effective forms of exercise, columnist Sean McCawley writes.

Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley discusses the importance of keeping your knees strong and healthy.

Preparation is a  tool for success. To mitigate the unhealthy effects of eating out too much, we can look at the menus of our favorite restaurants ahead of time to make healthy decisions for our nutritional success.

Weight loss and weight gain are constant balancing acts. Where can we start on a path to productively managing our weight? 

Finding a way to squeak in an extra healthy habit significantly impacts our everyday health and happiness.

A fall can cause something as minor as a scraped knee or as catastrophic as a broken bone. One way to minimize injury is to have strong fingers and hands. 

Maintaining a healthy body while occasionally indulging in less-than-healthy meals and snacks comes down to a question of balance. 

Discomfort is an understatement for severe cases of sciatica, but identifying its common causes is an effective first step toward a plan of action to prevent it.

Fitness expert Sean McCawley introduces the lumbopelvic hip complex and explains why we might want to learn what exactly it is. 

It’s not breaking news that staying active keeps us healthy but it’s important to strive for a balanced fitness routine that will keep you going and avoid injuries. 

Sitting isn’t bad for you; sitting for too long without moving is. Napa fitness expert Sean McCawley offers exercises to do to counteract stiffness and stress from inactivity. 

If losing extra fat and keeping it off is your goal, it’s important to understand that first you have to establish a foundation of eating healthy and adhering to exercise for at least three months.

SAID means “Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand” and this includes long hours sitting in an airplane or car. What can you do to help your body out after you get off the plane or out of your car? 

Fitness trainer Sean McCawley experienced challenges to his healthy Napa lifestyle on his 10-day trip to Portugal. 

Finding time to exercise is challenging but if you can find time to perform one or two exercises first thing in the morning, this can can accomplish simple and effective exercises. 

On the run up to a championship match, the foods you choose will make a difference. 

What’s for dinner? Before you turn to Door Dash, fitness pro Sean McCawley has a suggestion. 

When striving to meet fitness goals, try keeping in mind a growing a plant — both a plant and your body thrive in a nurturing, supportive environment.

We can fall into an unhealthy rut of spending too much time on our phones. Take some time for yourself by stepping away from your cell phone to experience the gifts the world offers us that are right in front of us.

If you can’t make it to the gym six times a week, you can still achieve optimal fitness by choosing compound exercises.

A few popular questions fitness trainer Sean McCawley is asked are: “How many calories should I consume?”, “Are carbs bad?”, “Should I be paleo?” and “What type of protein supplement should I take?”

Staying hydrated is important to overall health, longevity and functionality, writes fitness coach Sean McCawley. So how do you drink enough water each day? He has a plan for you.  

If stepping into a gym is as intimidating to you as a walk in Jurassic Park, Sean McCawley has idea to help you overcome your anxiety and give yourself a gift of exercise. 

An exercise program of resistance training can significantly increase your body’s ability to build strength in your bones.

From construction worker to desk worker, we all have muscles we don’t use in a typical day. Your can supercharge your fitness by adding exercises that target these areas of the body.

If you struggle adhering to an exercise program, pick out a few keywords of how exercise makes you feel like what you’re doing has value. 

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Candy and snacks at your local market could be made with different ingredients if a bill proposed by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel is voted into law.
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