Fiery car crash near tunnel leaves one dead in Chattanooga Thursday morning – WTVC

by Bliss Zechman
One person is dead following a crash in Chattanooga early Thursday morning near the tunnels that lead to East Ridge, according to the Chattanooga Fire Department.

Investigators say a driver sped out of the tunnel — and kept going at a high rate of speed.
That car left the roadway, flew off an embankment and hit a tree, with the vehicle then catching fire.

Photos from the scene show this was a tricky job for firefighters, who had to use a ladder to hang over the embankment with a hose to put the car fire out through steep terrain and vegetation overgrowth.

Once they put out the fire, they located the still-unidentified driver, who was pronounced dead on the scene.

This is the second deadly accident at this site in less than 2 weeks.
On September 10th, 18-year-old Karen Ortiz was in the back seat of a Honda Civic that went over a guardrail in the early morning hours.
She was killed, but 2 others in the vehicle only had minor injuries.
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