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A patient crashed her car into an emergency room in Osceola County on Thursday night after she was asked to leave.

Police say the woman asked for a different medication and to see a doctor. But after she was told there was nothing else that could be done for her, she was trespassed. But she didn’t leave then.
“I said, ‘Listen, you’ve got to get out of here. You are being trespassed,’” an officer said on body cam video.
Police said when they asked 31-year-old Natalia Wiltshire to leave, she walked to the parking lot at HCA Florida Osceola Hospital, but Jean Francois, who was there with his family, said the woman stopped to tell him something first.
“She tells me, ‘Sir, would you move? I’m going to drive my car inside.’ And I walk like this. I tell her, ‘Don’t do it. It’s not worth it,’” Francois said.
Francois says it all happened so quickly he couldn’t get to security in time.
“She literally got in her car and drove right through,” an officer said in body cam footage.
“There’s a security guard at the foot of her car. She stops,” Francois said. “Security guard moved away, and she drove her car through.”
A report shows she reversed and accelerated again. The car destroyed the doors but hurt no one.
“I’m gonna go to prison,” Wiltshire can be heard saying in the body cam footage.
“You made a mistake by driving in. You shouldn’t have done that. But you’re going to be okay. You’re not injured. No one else is injured,” an officer replied.
Francois believes if Wiltshire had wanted to hurt someone, the security guard would have been killed. Fortunately, he says, she stopped.
The driver is facing charges of criminal mischief, trespassing after warning and resisting an officer without violence.
Francois hopes the woman gets the help she needs.
“My main concern … She was crying for help,” he said.
The driver has bonded out of jail. The hospital says its emergency department is still up and running. If driving yourself, come to the side entrance of the ER.
The hospital estimated the damage to be at least $20,000.

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