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This column contains health tips that are important but don’t warrant a column of their own.
THE ENVIRONMENT: It’s well known that animal-based nutrition has a huge environmental impact compared to plant-based nutrition. According to, the Danish government recently developed a plan to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by boosting plant-based food production.”
HEALTHY, TASTY HOLIDAY RECIPES: “Forks Over Knives Cookbook” publishes a magazine several times a year with tasty plant-based recipes. The current issue, which is available at Natural Grocers and some other grocery stores, is “Forks Over Knives Plant-Based Holiday,” and includes over 100 recipes.
JACKFRUIT is joining tofu, tempeh, and seitan as a popular plant-based meat alternative, according to the Berkeley Wellness Letter.
CHRONIC, LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION is the common thread that connects diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s. According to the Berkeley Wellness Letter “the typical American Diet is heavy in foods that are considered pro-inflammatory, such as meat, refined carbohydrates, and fried and processed foods.” Plant foods, on the other hand, are anti-inflammatory.
SUPERSIZED RESTAURANT MEALS: Wonder why Americans are getting fatter? Here’s one reason: Nutrition Action, published by Center for Science in the Public Interest, listed the following for calories in regular versus supersized servings: Cheesecake Factory Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken, traditional serving size is 510 calories, supersized 2,180 calories; Corner Bakery chicken pesto sandwich traditional versus supersized 310/750; Chipolte chicken burrito 290/1090; Auntie Anne’s Original soft pretzel 110/340; Five Guys fries 200/790; Starbucks iced caffe mocha 230/450; Outback Steakhouse ribeye steak 300/900; California Pizza Kitchen margherita pizza 440/1,320; Panera Bread chocolate chipper cookie 130/390; McDonald’s strawberry shake 380/850; IHOP protein power pancakes 170/590.
IMMUNIZATIONS THAT PREVENT CANCER: There are two of them; ask you primary care provider if you’re a candidate. 1) Hepatitis B virus is the main cause of liver cancer — one of the five major cancers in the world population. Hepatitis B vaccine first became available in 1981, and has markedly reduced the incidence of this cancer. 2) Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes cancer of the cervix, vagina and vulva in women; penile cancer in men; and oral and anal cancer in men and women. It is transmitted sexually and by skin-to-skin contact, and is also the cause of venereal and other warts. HPV vaccine became available in 2006, and is effective in preventing these problems.
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND KNEE JOINT HEALTH: According to The Harvard Health Letter, regular aerobic activity is important to keep knee joints healthy. Current evidence indicates there’s no link between kneeling, running, jogging, biking, climbing stairs, hiking, or walking and the development of degenerative knee arthritis in people with normal lower extremities. However, if you have a structural abnormality of your knees such as knock-knees or bow legs or history of knee injury or surgery, high impact activities such as running can cause damage over the years.
BAKERS, BREWERS, AND NUTRITIONAL YEAST TO BOOST IMMUNE FUNCTION: People spend money on products touted to increase immune function, but most of these claims are bogus. However, Dr. Greger’s evidence-based says that nutritional, baker’s and brewer’s yeast have been shown in double blind, placebo-controlled studies to boost immunity in children, and in adults under physical or mental stress — both of which impair immunity. Beta-glucan containing yeasts aren’t marketed because they are cheap and easily available, so there’s no money to be made in selling them.
HEALTHY LIFE-YEARS LIVED IN AMERICA HAS PLUMMETED FROM 38TH TO 68TH in the world since 2019 according to the book “Sickening, How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care,” by John Abramson, M.D. We now trail China, Cuba, and Jamaica and are 8 years behind Japan and 5.2 years behind Canada. And this is in spite of having by far the most expensive healthcare system in the world.
BIG PHARMA AND MEDICAL RESEARCH: The same book talks about how “public funding for clinical research and federal support of university-based medical research has declined, allowing the drug companies to step in to fill the gap.” Even respected medical journals such as JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine publish studies read by unsuspecting physicians that have strong industry influence and bias.
Dr. Feinsinger is a retired family physician with special interest in disease prevention and reversal through nutrition. Free services through Center For Prevention and The People’s Clinic include: one-hour consultations, shop-with-a-doc at Carbondale City Market and cooking classes. Call 970-379-5718 for appointment, or email

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