Crime Prevention Tips – Police Department – City of Pasadena

When a person(s) enters any house, room, apartment, building, with the intent to commit grand or petit larceny or any felony is guilty of burglary.  Many people believe they have been robbed however, this is not a robbery.
Burglaries, as many other crimes, occur due to an opportunity.  The safeguards you take in and round your home is the first level of defense, eliminate or minimize these opportunities.
Burglaries occur at all time of the day and night especially during daytime hours due to people being away from home at work, school or on vacation.
Please keep these safeguards in mind when you leave you home for any length of time:
Everyone at least uses an ATM from time to time. Use caution when using an ATM machine. When withdrawing or depositing from an ATM machine choose a location where the ATM is located inside such as a market, mall, or police station when possible. If at a bank during day time hours make sure people are around. Avoid ATM withdrawals or deposits late at night when no one is around. If you must, drive around the bank to make sure no is hiding.
Make sure to take your ATM card and receipt, do not leave it in the machine or throw it in the trash or select not to receive a receipt. Before you leave the ATM remember to make sure it re-set so no one else can still use the ATM while your account is still on the screen.
Always protect your pin from wandering eyes.
Please contact the Community Relations Section (626) 744-4551 if you have any questions.
To register your bicycle, please (1) download the Bicycle registration form, (2) fill the form out and (3) bring the form to the Pasadena Police Department Record’s Section. They will verify the model and serial number prior to issuing a registration decal. The registration cost is $4.00.
Bicycle theft is a common crime committed in areas with high population as well as on college campuses. According to bicycle theft studies, it was found that most bicycle thefts involved bikes being unlocked, improperly locked, or locked with devices such as a lightweight cable or low-quality U-lock devices.
There has been an increase in bike thefts occurring throughout the City of Pasadena. Most of these bike thefts are taken from parking garages, balconies, unsecured structures and also occurring overnight. Suspects have even been using ladders to gain access to second level balconies in some of these thefts cases.
To help prevent your bike from being stolen, we offer the following recommendations:
Should your bike get stolen, report the crime immediately. If the theft occurred in Pasadena you can report the crime in person or on-line by visiting the department website.
In recent years, law enforcement has noted an increase in property crimes, including burglary/theft from vehicles and stolen cars. These property crimes are occurring throughout the City of Pasadena and in some residential areas, there has been an increase as thieves are taking advantage of crimes of opportunity.
During vehicle burglaries and thefts, criminals are strolling through neighborhoods during hours of darkness checking vehicles to see if they are unlocked.  Suspects are checking cars parked in the roadway and walking down residential driveways.  They do not appear to be scared off by motion detector lighting.  When a vehicle is discovered unlocked, they ransack the vehicle and remove any valuables.
Unfortunately, owners are leaving valuables such as wallets, purses, phones, tablets, computers, tote bags and cash.  Thieves are also checking owner manuals in the glove boxes and removing vehicle FAUBS that owners unknowingly leave behind.  With this FAUB, thieves are stealing cars.
Please remember – DO NOT leave anything in plain view or valuables in your vehicles, even for a short while. Parking your car in your driveway does not make it protected from crime.  Lock your car doors and double check to make sure you removed all valuables.  Even if you think it isn’t valuable, a thief might.
The best preventative and intervention tools are neighbors looking out for one another and the reporting of anyone or anything suspicious.  If the crime is in progress, please call 9-1-1. For non-emergency matters, call (626) 744-4241 24/7. 
If you would like information regarding Neighborhood Watch Program or want a group presentation regarding this topic, please call the Pasadena Police Department’s Community Services Section at (626) 744-4551.
Here are some News videos from other states, counties on preventative tips on keeping your car from being broken into.