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It’s that time of the year when people want to get away from the snow and enjoy some sunshine and warmth in some far away destination.  That also means ensuring your home is safe and secure while you are away.  Here are some tips to target harden your home while away.
Make sure your friend or family member looking after the home has:
 Following these simple steps can help you to focus on enjoying your time away from home!
It only takes a few seconds for a child to be put at risk when left unattended in a vehicle. ‘Just a minute’ can quickly turn into five or longer. The risks to your child range from medical emergencies to becoming a victim of crime.
We have all heard media stories about parents who have left small children in their unattended vehicles, and the tragic results will remain with those parents for the rest of their lives. Even if the results aren’t tragic, leaving a child in an unattended vehicle could result in involvement with the Children’s Aid Society and/or potential provincial or criminal charges.
Never give, write down, or share your PIN number – if you do, and if your account is illegally compromised, your bank will not compensate you for your loss.
Avoid common PIN numbers such as birthdays or addresses – these are the most commonly hacked.
If an online rental deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Be wary of apartment rental units in areas/cities that you cannot confirm are valid. Money paid as a deposit may be lost and the rental apartment may not actually exist.
Be wary of buying concert or sporting event tickets online. Only go through reputable outlets to ensure you don’t end up with a fraudulent ticket.
Your bank or credit card company will never ask for your banking information in an email. They may call you and ask you to attend the bank, but they will never ask for privileged information on the phone or by email.
The Canada Revenue Agency will never phone to ask you to pay outstanding income tax nor will it offer to give you back money for overpayment.
Police, Fire or Ambulance…what’s your emergency
Important – When you dial “911”, know where you are.  In the past all homes had a Bell phone line.  Since the introduction of cell phones there are many homes that do not have a dedicated phone line.  
Please lock your residence with a quality lock when you are going out.  We recommend a deadbolt system with a minimum of 4, 3 inch screws.
Consider locking the front door if you are working in your backyard; sadly criminals plan for people leaving their front doors unlocked while gardening.
Share your schedule with trusted neighbours and use the buddy system to check on one-another.
Never hesitate to call police, if a crime is occurring use the emergency 911 system. If you are seeking advice, please use our non-emergency number 519 661 5670, and leave a message if the non-emergency number is not being answered due to volume.
Consider signing up for the London Police Service’s raids-on-line, this amazing software provides Londoner’s with accurate crime data on a geographic mapping system.
Consider taking images of your property and keeping a record of your serial numbers. Maintain your information in a secure manner for future reference.
Consider cutting back the foliage on your property to allow for better sight lines.
Motion detector lights are recommended for both the sides and rear of your residence.
If you have a gate, we suggest you lock it and consider putting a bell on the reverse side that would ring if someone is attempting to jump the gate.
Closed Circuit Television cameras have become affordable.  When correctly placed and maintained they can be an excellent prevention option.   
Safely store prescription drugs in a locked container or cabinet. 
Keep track of your drugs by knowing how much of your prescription should be remaining.  
Promptly dispose of expired or unwanted medications by returning them to the pharmacy, do not dispose of medications in the garbage or by flushing them down the toilet.
When disposing of empty medication containers remove all identifying information including the type of medication.
Reduce Residential Voyeurism
When given the chance certain individuals will “peep” into your windows.
They may be looking for a house to break into, or it may be for a sexual reason.
To lower your chance of becoming the victim of a “peeper” keep in mind the following tips:
We want to remind you that your bike could be a target of a theft. To minimize the potential of having your bike stolen, consider the following:
Have a safe season of bicycle riding.
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