Child dead, woman critically injured after crash at Derby QT gas pump – KWCH

DERBY, Kan. (KWCH) – Update: The Derby Police Department confirmed a 3-year-old girl died and a woman suffered critical injuries in a crash at a QuikTrip gas pump. In the crash reported about 5:30 p.m. at the gas station near K-15 and Meadowlark Road, Derby police said a vehicle traveling on Meadowlark left the street and, for an unknown reason, careened into the QuikTrip parking lot where it hit a vehicle parked at a gas pump. The collision knocked over the gas pump, causing an explosion.
Police said the man driving the vehicle that left to road was cooperating with officers. As the investigation into what happened continued, Meadowlark was closed between K-15 and Nelson. The QuikTrip was closed.
Anthony Mockry had just left QuikTrip when he heard a popping sound and saw flames rapidly spreading, even feeling the heat from the fire in his truck.
“I was several hundred feet (away), there were people running around the periphery. It was so hot, you could not get anywhere close to where the fire was,” Mockry said.
One person is dead, another critically injured after a vehicle hit a gas pump at a Derby QuikTrip. A photo shared by the City of Derby showed flames and a dark cloud of smoke billowing from the area of the gas pumps.
The city advises people to avoid K-15 and Meadowlark Road.
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