Car Thefts In Holmdel Prompt Safety Reminders From Police – Patch

HOLMDEL, NJ — Following car thefts this holiday weekend, Holmdel Township police are reminding residents to remain vigilant and continue to lock car doors and also the home’s doors and windows.
Mayor Greg Buontempo said Monday that the weekly crime report he receives showed three cars were stolen from a house this holiday weekend. Police have not, as yet, released details to the media.
Regardless of the circumstances in this case, police are offering general advice all residents can follow to protect themselves, police said Monday:
“In the recent weeks, in Holmdel and many surrounding towns, criminals who are looking for high-end vehicles to steal have been entering homes to find keys that have not been left for them in the cars,” a statement from the police said on the township police Facebook site.

The statement continued that the thieves generally enter the home through unlocked windows and doors, but also enter unlocked cars and utilize the garage door openers to get in.
The department recommends a number of safety practices residents can take to protect themselves and their property:
“If you take some of these small steps to make your home safer, it helps to make our town more secure, and eventually criminals will realize the cars are not as easy to get in Holmdel and will drive right by,” the statement said.
On the government front, the Township Committee adopted an ordinance earlier this month establishing Motor Vehicle Protection Regulations.
The ordinance now makes it illegal in Holmdel to “enter or remain on any driveway, paved surface, or location within 20 feet of a stationary motor vehicle, knowing that he or she is not licensed or privileged to enter or remain in said location,” the ordinance reads.

It also would makes illegal committing any of the following acts:
These violations will be punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and imprisonment of 90 days – the most severe penalties the township can exact, the township said.

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