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We all love travelling with our pets. However, your car might not yet possess all the required comforts for your furry little friend. While most pets will have a good time riding the car, it might be stressful and uncomfortable for others. By planning and prepping your travel well in advance, you can ensure that your pet is ready for the journey. Car travel with dogs or other pets requires some thinking and preparation. Moreover, your pet might not have access to all the necessities during the trip. Here are some care safety tips to follow if you have a pet onboard!
Make sure to pack along things like your pet’s health record while travelling. You should also take care not to miss your pet’s favourite toys and other things that give it a sense of home and familiarity. A travel kit for your pet can contain food, water, medications, bowls, and whatever they use daily. Also, make sure to include a first aid kit for your pet. Finally, waste bags and pet scoops are a no brainer while travelling with your furry friends.
Unlike us humans, pets do not respond well to feeding on the go. Feeding them in a moving car can be a big no-no as it can make them feel sick. It would be best if you always made halts to feed your beloved pet. Also, make it a norm to feed your pet only a light meal three to four hours before starting the journey. Most importantly, keep them hydrated.
It is not safe for both you and your dog if they keep hopping around the vehicle while you are driving. Pets might distract you when they are scared or excited. Moreover, airbags might be apt for human protection, but they can suffocate your pet during an accident. It is best to bring pets on board in a carrier. Alternatively, you can also make use of a pet seatbelt.
You need to prep your car to be pet-ready. Especially with dogs, you need car seat covers and floor covers. Seat covers should be thick and soft to comfort your little pet. Seat covers also make sure that pets don’t damage the actual material.
The photo below might be something that you expect to click with your furry pet. But, peaking out of the window is not something we’d recommend. Allowing your pet to sneak its head out of the window puts them at immense risk. Some flying debris can strike them. The safest thing to do would be to restrain your pets and open the window halfway so that your pet enjoys the fresh breeze.
Now you and your furry friend can enjoy long drives and a fun time in the car. With these fantastic tips, your pet will feel safe and comfortable.
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