Car crashes into Phoenix dialysis center, 3 critically injured – FOX 10 News Phoenix

A car crashed into a dialysis center in Phoenix on Wednesday, sending three people to the hospital in critical condition.
The collision happened at a Fresenius Kidney Care located near 19th Avenue and Dunlap.
Two women and a man were hospitalized with critical injuries. They were all in their 30s and 40s, Phoenix Fire officials said.
"I can tell you that this vehicle was a patient, and they drove all the way through to the back wall, hitting those three people that were closest to that front door," said Phoenix Fire Captain Todd Keller.
The driver, according to Cpt. Keller, was not hurt.
While the crash did not impact the building's structural integrity, water and gas were shut off as a precaution.
Three people were taken to the hospital in critical condition after a car crashed into a dialysis center in North Phoenix. FOX 10’s Stephanie Bennett reports.
There were more than 20 people inside the center at the time of the crash, and one of them was Anthony Rader.
Rader went to the center early for his appointment, and that move may have saved his live.
"I was supposed to be sitting in one of those chairs on that side today, if I hadn’t of come in early," said Rader.
Rader was there when the crash happened.
"Big boom, crash, glass, and then all of a sudden, you just see three people being pushed into a wall. Machines destroyed, everything," said Rader.
"It sounded like a boom," said Sandra McDowell. "It sounded like a bomb, when that car came through the window."
Police are now investigating what caused the crash.
A car crashed into a Phoenix dialysis center.
Where it happened:
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