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Car accident in Downtown Eugene leaves four cars wrecked and residents frustrated
EUGENE, Ore. — Residents along one Downtown Eugene street are reeling after several of their cars were totaled in a series of early morning crashes.
The accident happened in the early morning hours of March 5 along Washington Street near West Broadway. Neighbors said they were awoken by loud noises and called police shortly before 4 a.m.
Eugene Police told KEZI 9 the suspected driver hit a total of four cars in the neighborhood and was allegedly intoxicated.
According to police, callers reported the suspect was driving a Chevrolet Suburban. He reportedly attempted to drive away before abandoning the vehicle and leaving on foot, Eugene Police said. Callers also reported the driver was bleeding from his forehead and left with two unleashed dogs.
Police said no one was injured in the crash. A Mazda, Toyota Camry, Chevy Flex and Hyundai Elantra were damaged as a result.
Neighbors said this is the second time in a matter of days something like this had happened. On March 3, a Kia parked on the street was totaled after a car passing by crashed into it, neighbors said.
Katie Holder lives on Washington Street and said she was not expecting to see so many damaged cars first thing in the morning. 
“At 8:30 this morning is when I start looking out the window and noticed quite a few cars were wrecked,” she said.
Holder’s work car was damaged — and she fears it’s totaled.
Tricia Clark, another resident on the street, got her wrecked car towed away. It is currently sitting in a yard, she said, and she had to pay for the towing service despite not being responsible. She said the costs of repairing her car just aren’t worth it. Like Holder, Clark depends on her car for work.
“Terrible… hopeless… I was a delivery driver and so I’m wondering if I will be able to keep my job.”
It is unclear at this time whether or not the suspect is in police custody.  
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