Brown County Sheriff warns residents of heat safety tips as temperatures rise – WIBW

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Brown County Sheriff John Merchant is warning residents about heat safety tips as temperatures rise in Northeast Kansas.
Sheriff Merchant said to please make sure to double-check vehicles every time you leave to ensure children or pets are not in the back seat. Children are more susceptible to heat than adults.
Sheriff Merchant indicated less than 10 minutes in a hot vehicle is all the time it takes for the inside of a car to reach deadly temperatures. Heatstroke can occur in outside temperatures less than 57 degrees as the inside of the car can absorb enough heat within minutes to make temperatures deadly, especially for infants. In most cases of child deaths in vehicles, the child was forgotten by the parent or caregiver.
Sheriff Merchant said in approximately 30% of child deaths, children were playing in vehicles unattended. In addition, almost 20% of children were intentionally left in the vehicle by an adult.
Sheriff Merchant warns residents to be aware of signs of heatstroke, including symptoms such as confusion, grouchy or irritability, nauseous, red, hot and moist, or dry skin, no sweating, throbbing headache and dizziness.
Sheriff Merchant is asking the public to remain vigilant to help prevent these tragedies from happening.
“Please be aware when you are in parking lots, garages or anywhere else vehicles may be parked for any small children or pets that may have been left unattended,” Sheriff Merchant said.
Sheriff Merchant said to notify law enforcement immediately if you see a child or pet in distress.
Sheriff Merchant also reminds residents to keep an eye on elderly friends and neighbors and those with medical disabilities during these high temperatures. Make sure they are comfortable and hydrated. In addition, make sure pets have adequate shade, shelter, food and especially water.
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