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Former Scare Dem crew member Boom Dandimite is now conscious after a car accident earlier this week.
The accident occurred on Half Way Tree road near a popular bakery on Wednesday. Another rising deejay, Wilful Skilful, was also injured in the accident.
Harry Toddler confirmed that the condition of his friend and former label mate, Boom Dandimite had improved.
“He is conscious now, we’re going to look for him today at the KPH at 1 p.m.” Harry Toddler told DancehallMag this morning.
Boom Dandimite, along with his friends Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler and Elephant Man formed the Scare Dem Crew back in the 1990s. The quintet was closely aligned to Bounty Killer, who would take them on tours to ensure they gained exposure and scored hits with songs such as Pure Gal and Many Many.
Wilful Skilful, a talented protege of established dancehall star Dexta Daps, shared graphic details about the accident which almost claimed his life. He said he was in the front seat of the Mitsubishi motor car when it collided with a Swift motor car heading in the opposite direction along Half Way Tree road.
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“Mi cousin was driving the car and we were following Killer cause we just left from Weddy Weddy and ah go round ah Leggo Di Streets. The Swift a race ah come up ah do 100, and my cousin ah come down and ah try turn fi beat the car and big collision gwaan and the car turn over,” he said.
The artist was knocked unconscious by the sheer force of the accident. Boom Dandimite, who was in the back seat, was also shaken up.
“Mi knock out same time, fi about five minutes, mi black out, blood ah run outta mi head and mi hear mi cousin ah say ‘cuz, cuz’ and the car turn over sideways. Dem shub over back the car and mi get a next jerk up again. Mi go public, do x-ray and get mi meds dem and mi prescription, so mi just a give thanks fi life, lucky say mi have on mi seat belt, ah that save me! It shows that God say mi de ya fi a purpose,” the artist whose real name is Mark Pellington, said.
Wilful Skilful said he is praying for the recovery of Dandimite who had a ‘seizure’ after the accident.
“Him still de a KPH, even Killer did a call mi ask mi which ward, but dem say him ah come on, but is just sad because Dandimite ah good yute, ah nuff time him warn mi cousin about the reckless driving,” he said.
Wilful Skilful is known for songs like Tables a Go Turn, Evil People and Dominate. He is the latest product of Seaview Gardens which has given the world such incredible talents as Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Elephant Man, the aforementioned Dexta Daps and Harry Toddler.
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