Arona Road in New Stanton closed for hours after car crashes into power pole – WTAE Pittsburgh

A family who lives by the accident said multiple accidents have happened in this area.
A family who lives by the accident said multiple accidents have happened in this area.
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A family who lives by the accident said multiple accidents have happened in this area.
Arona Road in New Stanton was closed for hours after a car crashed into a power pole Wednesday morning.
Amber Moinarchin’s house is right where the accident happened. She said there have been seven to eight accidents in the area since 2016. PennDOT said since 2018, not including Wednesday’s accident, there have been three accidents in the area.
Moinarchin said she heard screeching, the house shook and then the power went out. She is fearful for her family’s safety after another crash.
“If that pole wasn’t there, that car would be into our home,” she said.
Monarchin and her mother-in-law, Alice Moyle, said speeding is the real issue.
“I’ve grabbed my granddaughter when she went to get on the school bus because someone was flying down the road going 60,” Moyle said.
Monarchin said she contacted PennDOT and state police about trying to make the area safer. She wanted more police patrols and a guardrail installed. She said delineators were installed by PennDOT.
“That does help at night, but it’s the speeding combined with the bend,” she said.
Pittsburgh’s Action News reached out to PennDOT and received a statement from Assistant District Executive for Maintenance Robb Dean.
“Guiderail has specific criteria that needs to be met to warrant installation. If the criteria is not met – as is the case for this area – the guiderail itself becomes an obstruction. Additional delineation was created with the installation of ball bat delineators outside the curve, which better defines the outside edge of the roadway for drivers. PennDOT made this modification after it evaluated the site and deemed the measure appropriate,” Dean said.
Pittsburgh’s Action News reached out to state police and got the following statement from Trooper Cliff Greenfield.
“We continue to encourage residents with traffic safety-related concerns to contact their local Pennsylvania State Police station or municipal police department. As concerns are brought to our attention, we endeavor to conduct Patrol Checks of those locations so that troopers on patrol are aware of the reported concerns and can devote time in the course of their duties to monitor the reported roadways/intersections for traffic violations as our operational needs permit.”
Monarchin has taken matters into her own hands and has added rocks in front of her house as a barrier. She also parks her car in the driveway as another layer of protection.
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