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The Prime Early Access Sale is a new Amazon shopping event, in which Amazon Prime members can save big ahead of the holiday shopping season. The sale will take place October 11 and 12 and, like the famous Prime Day, it will offer massive discounts on everything from daily essentials to big-ticket items. It will be an especially great time for parents to snag the items they need for their babies, themselves and their homes, seeing as there are (literally) thousands of discounts available.
That can be easier said than done, though. While there will be countless things on sale, it can be overwhelming (not to mention, time-consuming) to sift through all of the discounts and to try to decipher which deals are actually worth taking advantage of.
Fortunately, there are a few “hacks” you can use to maximize this two-day sale. Here are five helpful tips and tricks for parents who want to make the most out of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale.
If you or your partner is pregnant, you’ll want to make sure you’re signed up for an Amazon baby registry. That’s because Amazon registrants get what’s called a “completion discount” on eligible remaining items on their baby registries. For Prime Members, that means you can score 15 percent off on the gear you still need.
Even if you’re not planning on having a baby shower, you can still create a private registry and use the discount for more expensive items (like a stroller, car seat or crib). Just keep in mind that you can only use your discount after your registry’s been active for two weeks and within 60 days before or after your due date.
So how does this help with the Prime Early Access Sale? Knowing you have a completion discount in store can help guide which purchases you should snag ASAP and which ones you should hold off on. For instance, if the stroller you want is 12 percent off during the Prime Early Access Sale, you could pass on the sale knowing that you can use your 15 percent completion discount down the road. The reverse is also true: If your favorite car seat is, say, 25 percent off during the Prime Early Access Sale, you’ll probably want to purchase it right then and there, since that’s a more favorable discount.
If you’re buying something new during Prime Early Access Sale, you’re probably planning on browsing the reviews section to make sure the product is worth purchasing. This is a smart idea, but be wary of fake reviews. Some sellers and brands may leave inauthentic reviews to make their products seem better than they are, while others may leave falsely negative remarks on competitor products.
So how can you tell if a review is legit or not? If it includes images and provides plenty of detail on why the product is good or bad, the chances are good that it’s an authentic review. Look for an orange “Verified Purchase” stamp at the top of the review, as well — that means that Amazon has confirmed the person writing it has purchased or used the product and didn’t buy it at a big discount. Third-party tools like Fakespot can also analyze how legitimate a product’s reviews are, too.
On Prime Day, sales come and go fast, and items can sell out — and this will likely be the case during the Prime Early Access Sale. If you know there are certain things you want to snag during the sale (whether you’re hoping to buy your baby’s crib at a discounted price or just want to stock up on diapers for a lower cost), add them to your cart or wish list ahead of time. That way, it’s easier to buy them as soon as they go on sale (and before they sell out!). You can even turn on notifications for when items on your list go on sale, as well as when deals you’ve been watching begin. Just go to the Amazon mobile app’s notifications settings and turn on “Watched and Waitlisted Deals.”
Amazon Warehouse offers tons of used items, from smartphones to high chairs, at deeply discounted prices. This is a great way to scale back the cost of the gear you need, and not to mention, is more environmentally friendly than buying new. While you might be nervous about the condition of a used item, worry not – each product is thoroughly tested by Amazon return specialists to make sure it’s working properly during a 20-point inspection. They also check for things like packaging damage and missing accessories. Each item is then given a grade to describe its condition (“like new,” “very good,” “good” or “acceptable”) so that you know what to expect.
During the Prime Early Access Sale, there could be additional deals on top of already-discounted Warehouse gear, helping you maximize your savings even more. Just remember that some items, like car seats, breast pumps and cribs shouldn’t be bought secondhand for safety reasons.
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