Airborne motorcycle kills pedestrian in 6-car crash in Azusa – NBC Southern California

Two motorcyclists died as one of the bikes went airborne and also killed a pedestrian following a brutal six-vehicle wreck in Azusa Wednesday night, police said.
Police were notified of the deadly crash shortly after 4 p.m. and responded to the intersection of Arrow Highway and Cerritos Avenue. There, four cars and two motorcycles were involved in a crash.
Azusa police said in the crash, one of the motorcycles went airborne and struck a pedestrian who was standing at the corner of the street. That pedestrian, identified as 22-year-old Marcos Loera, and a motorcyclist died at the scene.
The second motorcyclist was taken to an area hospital and later died.
According to officials, speed was the primary factor on the part of the motorcycles. The vehicles were traveling over 90 mph in a 35 mph zone, the Azusa Police Department said.
“The speed at which they were going, there was no way to control those motorcycles, especially when it came in contact with another object,” APD Lt. Jake Bushey said.
That object was a pickup truck. Both drivers flew through the air after being flung from their speeding bikes.
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One of the bikes struck Loera, who was standing next to a woman on the sidewalk, Bushey said. Police initially said Loera was killed by one of the airborne motorcyclists.
Loera’s family said he and his friend were headed to get coffee when he was instantly killed in front of her.