Accident Plan | ETF – Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds

The Accident Plan, administered by Securian Financial, provides a cash benefit paid directly to you to help cover out-of-pocket expenses regardless of health insurance coverage. This plan does not disqualify you from high deductible health plan (HDHP) or traditional medical coverage.
The Accident Plan is available to state employees. Local employees: Contact your employer to see if this benefit is available to you or visit the Local Employers Supplemental Options page. Retirees cannot enroll in this benefit.
If you are enrolled in the Accident Plan, you may keep coverage after you leave state employment or retire. View the Portability Form for additional details.
You may be used to insurance companies paying your claims automatically. The Accident Plan works differently. To get cash for your expenses, you must file a claim. See How to File a Voluntary Claim to learn about the process. If you’re familiar with process, go to Securian Financial’s Benefit Service Center to file or view an existing claim.
Beginning January 1, 2023, cash payment amounts for most claims will increase. 
New benefits covered for 2023: 
See how much you'll pay each month for the Accident Plan.
Learn when and how you can enroll or make changes to supplemental benefits, such as dental insurance, vision insurance, and the accident plan.